Go All Out to Bloom Yourself and Start the Journey of Dreaming Through Dance

The S+ level dance competition growth reality show "Dancing Student" is broadcasted on August 21st.

The program invites college students and dance troupe dancers to become contestants through audition. With accommodation, rehearsal, special courses and competition, selection, etc., 24-hour all-round records show that the dancers have completely transformed from "body, stage, shape, and appearance" Through the multiple collisions of different dance types such as classical dance, ballet, street dance, etc., it lets the audience feel the charm of dance through their perspectives.


The whole dance is open, full of love, let the dancing children shine. The first episode of the stage ignites, the dancing melody splashes, the dance is moving and the audience is moved by the beautiful and ultimate spatial atmosphere, dynamic and powerful rhythm,. The overall lighting design of "Dancing Students" was controlled by the EYE team led by Mr. Tian Weijun, Mr. Lu Xiaowei, and Mr. Wang Jichen. Nearly 600 professional fixtures from ACME were selected to illuminate their dreams.


The wonderful performance demonstration show of three instructors and one senior in the first period made the dancers and the audience stunned. The stage face light, AECO 20 takes the auditorium as the all-round background wall. With its pure colors and extremely high degree of color reproduction, every movement of the dancers is presented in front of the audience with a real texture.


SOLAR FLARE II, SPARTAN HYBRID and ICARUS 620 release high-brightness beams, which can switch to various effects following the dancing melody. STAGE PAR COLOUR is placed on the side of the stage, with excellent color mixing function and variable speed change, adding another color to the sense of stage design.


Sometimes graceful and moving, sometimes cool and dynamic, in the phantom light and shadow, feel the beating hearts that love dancing.


Natural dancers, ACME's colorful lights support the dancers to bloom their dancing life.

---------------- THE END --------------