The High-Quality ACME Fixtures Reunite with the Annual High-Level Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

On the Sep. 21st night, the CMG Mid-Autumn Festival Gala 2021 was broadcasted as scheduled. This ingenious and high-level feast unfolded at the Xingyue Lake Wetland Park in Sichuan Province, and made all audiences call out: wonderful!

The stage design team set the main stage on the lake and collaborated on many scenes working closely with the lake water. No one would deny this fancy masterpiece. Just like the hi-tech co-worked harmony with the sense of Chinese traditional art in the whole gala, which has gained all audience's applaud.

As all known, this festival gala has accompanied Chinese people in the past 30 years, already has formed its unique temperament and style. And ACME also accompanied the gala for several years.

This year, the main theme is not only celebrating the reunited festival but also hail to the aerospace industry heroes. When the lighting director, Mr. Huangtao, facing the difficulty of how to reproduce all the shows in the good rendition, the ACME AECO series came to his mind.

“Hanging 250 units of the AECO knights onto the main stage will add more possibilities to the show,” Mr. Huang said, "Audiences gonna love these beautiful lights." 100x AECO 20 and 150x AECO 10-HR, took the job as façade lights, delivered high-quality front light, and helped to express every performer's best skin tone.

The ACME CHIRON deservedly won the best moving beam, and GLAMOUR 700Z took the moving wash. 400pcs Chiron were distributed to each side of the stage and lit up the stage with its high brightness and mid-air beams after gobo overlaid with the prisms. 100pcs multiple eyes Glamour 700Z, which fitted with RGBW LEDs, showed its vivid colors as well as excellent color mixing effect and added splendid strobe and big scale wash to the dynamic stage.

Thanks to the high-tech support and the high-quality fixtures assist, this mid-autumn festival gala was as exquisite as a movie. The sense of traditional culture with ancient charm, and the spectacular sense of advanced technology, even if the audience sat before the TV screen, this high-level show seems to be immersive for all of us. Hope to gather with ACME in the next full moon gala!

Special Thanks to the lighting director: Huangtao

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