ACME Lighting Upgrades The Treasured Voice With the New PIXEL LINE IP

Aiming at “using sound to convey emotions and expressing attitudes with music”, Zhejiang Satellite TV's music program "The Treasured Voice" returns strongly in the third season! Many well-known musicians gathered together and various music styles collided here to create wonderful creative sparks.


The competition for the top song was extremely fierce in the 1st episode. And the broadcast ratings on that night led all the way. Once again, the Treasured Voice invited the EYE team to be the chief designer of the stage design. What’s more, a variety of ACME professional fixtures endows the music with beautiful lights, and the stage effect was incredible.

At the back of the stage, 270 units of the linear strobe bar PIXEL LINE IP made a background light wall. They outlined a dreamlike realm in the different music performances.

At the top of the stage, ACME high color rendition series AECO 10-HR and AECO 5 were responsible for the major lights, because of their advanced optical system, saturated colors & rich gobos, and more complex effects.


Besides, the lighting designer also chose hybrid moving head LEO, pixel controllable moving wash NEOZONE and OXYGEN, and the double-side effect fixture GEMINI in the rig. The dazzling lights presented the psychedelic color and completely grasped the stage atmosphere.

Unlock the ever-changing styles and make music show more possibilities. When different lighting combinations meet with the creative singer and songwriters, the program will have more wonderful chemical reactions. What will it bring to us in the future? Let's stay tuned with the Treasured Voice together and look forward to the other stage effects.

Special Thanks to

Stage Design: EYE Show Studio

Lighting Designer: Tian WeiJun and Lu Xiaowei

Equipment Supplier: Beijing YOUYU Century Culture Media

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