ACME Lights Up Music Drama “The city of musicals”

There is a new wave of music drama recently. "The city of musicals", it has attracted many fans since its first two episodes.

With film-like opening, narration of prose poems, this music drama Integrates film, literature and music. Mr. Chen Jie, from the Diamond team was responsible for the stage design and selected nearly 1,000 lighting gear from ACME to outline a high-level and charming theatrical stage.

Teacher Chen Jie from the Dameng team was responsible for the stage design, and nearly a thousand lamps and lanterns from ACME were selected to outline a high-level and charming theatrical stage.

Over 150pc ACME high CRI light AECO 20 was used to deliver stable and natural surface lighting effect, together with ACME Sunrise, expressed tribute to classic musicals.


Over 400x STAGE BLINDER IP WW2 and STAGE PAR TUNGSTEN were used on the stage, to create the unique tungsten effect as backlight. DOTLINE360, a high-power performance fixture equipped with 12x 30WRGBW LED, offers excellent color mixing and smooth output. 100x units lit up the stage. 6x SPOTRACK TrACME dynamic follow systems fully met the stage light tracking needs.

Classic musicals paired with excellent actors always collide with amazing sparks, " The city of musicals " is a breakthrough in music drama, let us stay tuned on Saturday night.

---------------- THE END --------------