Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is Littered with Glittering ACME PIXEL LINE IP

A stream of vocal talents, world first lighting effects and a stage that resembles a giant hug– welcome to Eurovision Song Contest 2023. As one of the biggest singing competition and live TV singing contest in the world, it drives attention of millions of people and presents top of notch musical and audiovisual extravaganza.

Lighting designer Tim Routledge commented: “Eurovision is really known for its epic and transformational lighting that is layered, evolves and delights and my brief to myself was that we aim to deliver a world class lighting product.”

Our revolutionary mapping strip batten light PIXEL LINE IP has greatly enhanced the performances. Full of gusto and bursting at the seams with enthusiasm, PIXEL LINE IP serves to be great wash-washer and strobe light. The pixel-driven function allows for versatile lighting effects such as collision, meteor chasing. High light output brings the best of vivid, kaleidoscopic, powerful, and magic strobe effect. Great color mixing system enables the lightning designer to come up with interestingly varied color combinations. Adding even more depth to the stage and, PIXEL LINE IP is without a doubt a hidden star in the event.

Photo by Peter Byrne

Photo by Paul Ellis AFP

Photo by Andy Von Pip

Emoting all over the stage, we are more than excited to be part of the impressive stage designs. This environment for the performances is not only eye-catching and supremely functional, but also sends a message of togetherness and positivity.

Special Thanks to:

Tim Routledge Lighting Design

Lighting Supplier - Neg Earth Lights Ltd

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