2019 Zhangbei Music Festival, Starting with ACME "From The Heart"!

The Zhangbei Music Festival, which brought together music, art, culture and fashion, was founded in 2009. After ten years of baptism, from July 26th to 28th, 2019, the charming Zhangbei Music Festival returned strongly!


In the lively place of Zhangbei, there is a more dynamic performance. With a charismatic lineup, a rigorous and reliable executive team, and top-notch stage lighting equipment, the top Chinese music feast, 2019 Zhangbei Music Festival. The show had showed the unparalleled beauty of Zhangbei, with its broad and natural geography. The landform and cultural heritage restore the original free enjoyment of the festival.


To Illuminate the land of Zhangbei , that is the top innovative stage lighting equipment XP-380 BSW, LP-2304, XA-1000 BSWF, XP-16R BSW II, CM-300ZR, BL-200 VW, etc., from ACME.

Nearly 600pcs ACME professional stage lightings were swaying in this vast area of Zhangbei. The passionate ACME lighting and the vast expanse of the earth and the stars are all in all directions, creating a stunning and colorful stage. .


At this year's festival, the ACME XP-380 BSW long-life moving head light and the LP-2304's strongest strobe light were one of the most eye-catching characters.


The ACME XP-380 BSW, which combines beam, spot, wash functions, uses a specially customized PHILIPS long-life light source and with a lamp life up to 6000 hours. As a member of the long-life family, the humanized intelligent sleep mode and instant wake-up features are essential to their configuration. It is also equipped with a color wheel, a static gobo wheel and a rotating gobo wheel. The excellent color macro effect can create excellent rainbow effect and dynamic and diverse patterns. The color temperature is 8000K, linear focusing system, zoom range 3°~32°. Under the beam mode 3°, the illumination is up to 848,000 Lux@5m, providing more powerful light output and sharper feel; the PAN/TILT running angle is 540°/270° respectively; 8 prism +6 prism can overlay and can be rotated in both directions. And it also has 0~100% smooth dimming function, independent atomizer and multiple speed strobe. All the functions are only to create a beautiful visual effect for the performance, and present a wonderful visual feast for the audience.


The ACME LP-2304, which is equipped with 2304 RGBW LED sources, has a high-powered, high-output strobe effect. It is made up of 12 independently controllable zone. The lamp bead is integrated into a black package. It is hard to see the connection from the appearance; matching with red, green, blue and white (RGBW) to achieve excellent Dyeing effect. Its beam angle can reaches 109°, the luminous flux can reach up to 70,000 lumens, and it can achieve 0~100% smooth dimming. The net weight is only 16kg, with the lower telescopic stand. There is hanger on the head and base, it is convenient for transportation. The back side is embedded in the OLED display, allowing the lighting designer can accurately adjust the lighting in the dark. Moreover, with the IP66 waterproof standard and the hidden magnet can be quickly assembled and disassembled, the light angle can be adjusted. No matter what it is concentrated or large-scale dyeing. They are all handy to switch at any time. They are good companions for large-scale performances and outdoor activities such as concerts and stage plays.


Looking around, it’s all intensive crowds, tents, endless land, and a large stage with a colorful stage. It’s a three-day, three-night high-quality performance, the most powerful singer lineup, and a thousands of viewers. The number of people created a perfect audio-visual feast!

The Zhangbei Music Festival is a new benchmark for domestic music festivals. It is also a grand carnival scene where every fan empties himself, shows his personality, wants to carnival, and forgets his troubles.


In July, the sun is like a fire. Follow with ACME to escape the urban irritability, release the soul at the Zhangbei Music Festival, return to the original heart, and start from the heart!


Special thanks

Beijing Lanhai Jiayi Cultural Co., Ltd.

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