Over 2000 ACME Fixtures For The 11. 11 Shopping Gala TV Show

On November 11th, various TV stations launched the 11. 11 shopping gala, which also satisfies everyone's dual experience of shopping spree and audio-visual enjoyment! In this grand ceremony, nearly 2000 ACME fixtures be used on the stage!

China Dragon TV & Zhejiang STV & Tmall “Tmall 11. 11 Gala”

The main stage of the party presented four major themed stage scenes. At the same time, six scenes were set up outside the venue. Through this way of breaking the dimensions and dimensions, the audience's beautiful imagination of the parallel world was realized.


The visual stage of the show was extended horizontally to a width of 80 meters, forming a space-time tunnel "from 2021 to 2060". More than 100 suspended Tmall boxes form a wing-shaped matrix, which follows the rhythm of music and light changes, presenting city of the future.

The EYE team led by Tian Weijun and Lu Xiaowei served as the lighting design for the Gala. In order to strengthen the performance story and stage visual presentation to achieve the ultimate fit, thousands of ACME lamps were selected to build the stage effect:

Over 100 units of AECO 10, with pure colors and extremely high color reproduction, provide the stage with excellent surface lighting requirements. Nearly 200 units of GEMINI, with outstanding strobe speed and point-by-point control, give the stage colorful light effects. Many led wash effect moving lights NEOZONE and OXYGEN dye and spread evenly, creating the ultimate rendering atmosphere for the stage performance. And nearly 500 stage effect lights STAGE PAR COLOUR and STAGE PAR 100 IP WW, combined with the scene-oriented stage and technology connection, to create multiple time and space folds, bringing a stronger sensory impact to the audience!

Hunan TV & Pinduoduo "2021 Pinduoduo 11.11 Super Night"

The newly upgraded "Super Fight Night" stage is a 360°omnidirectional large-screen stage. A variety of large-scale rotating light stands and lifting platforms give different stage styles, and the cool stage presents a visual and auditory experience to the audience A big show of double enjoyment!

THE ONE studio led by Feng Hui designed the general lighting for the party. Nearly a thousand ACME fixtures appeared in the party, and over 100 AECO 20 presented high-quality visual texture to the audience with high color rendering index and extremely high color reproduction.

Nearly 200 units of GEMINI are distributed on the lifting stage and rotating light stand. The outstanding strobe effect meets the dynamic needs of the stage, and the high-quality dyeing light effect provides unlimited creative space for the lighting designer. Several Led bar fixtures DOTLINE and nearly 400 stage effect lights STAGE PAR COLOUR performed on the same stage, creating a magnificent visual impression. The clever combination of diversified stage and high-level sound and light equipment has created a pleasing audio-visual feast!

Special thanks

“Tmall 11.11 Gala”

Chief Lighting Design: Tian Weijun, Lu Xiaowei

Lighting design team: EYE team

"2021 Pinduoduo 11.11 Super Night"

Chief Lighting Design: Feng Hui

Lighting design team: THE ONE studio

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