ACME Stylish Lighting Solutions in the presentation of Ploom in Almaty

A presentation of the innovative device Ploom from JTI took place on November 7 and 8, 2023, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, gathering important guests, famous media persons and Kazakh pop stars. The headliner of the evening was the famous Kazakh artist - Jah Khalib!

Jah Khali, a talented and influential artist, started his music career in 2005 and gained popularity with his unique style of rapping. His dedication to using his music platform to spread positivity and make a difference in society, earning him a loyal fan base both in Kazakhstan and beyond.

During the event, we had the pleasure of presenting the PIXEL LINE IP, STAGE BLINDER IP WW2 and GEMINI, three outstanding lighting solutions. These stylish and versatile devices not only illuminated the stage, but also added a touch of sophistication to the overall atmosphere.

The ACME PIXEL LINE IP's compact size and lightweight design, boasting 672 RGBW LEDs and 112 cool white LEDs with the RGBW LEDs divided into 32 sections and the white LEDs into 16 sections. The fixture offers eleven DMX control modes from simple operation to intense, eye-catching individual pixel control effects, making it a popular choice among those in attendance and delivering a visually stunning experience.

The STAGE BLINDER IP WW2 offers several conveniently located rotation angles and can be freely combined with other fixtures from ACME's STAGE BLINDER IP series for additional creative options. With an outstanding variable speed strobe effect and IPX4 protection rated, brighter than the traditional audience blinder, the ACME fixture provided reliable and convenient lighting throughout the event. And it is suitable for large and medium-sized concerts, variety acts and other professional stage or entertainment applications requiring a striking visual impact.

The ACME GEMINI fixture is a dual-functional, bar and strobe fixture with no limits. Each of the five front cells of the fixture equipped with a powerful 60-Watt RGBW LED. With 36 cool white LEDs, the strobe section at the rear of the head can produce strobes up to 41,000 lumens, providing unrivaled lighting effects for the stage.

We are grateful for the opportunity to present our innovative fixtures at this remarkable event and look forward to continuing to illuminate your world with unmatched innovation.

Special Thanks to:

Event Organization: Mushrooms Agency

Complete Technical Equipment Company: Indigo Rental

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