Illuminating Hope: ACME's Contribution to BRIGHTER DAYS

During the March Labour Day weekend in Bright, Victoria, four industry legends - Cautech, Austage Events, Peninsular Production Services, and Lock and Light - brought their forces together for a wonderful fund raiser festival BRIGHTER DAYS.

The festival has been supported by many artists including this year’s line up of Chocolate Starfish, Kate Ceberano, Ross Wilson, Russell Morris, Rogue Traders, Screamin' Eagles and many more.

Photos took by Jesse Leigh Connelly & Tony Lamplough

At the heart of the festival's captivating lighting design were ACME’s exceptional fixtures. The lighting rig for this special event included 8 ACME ENERGY SPOT PRO fixtures, 20 ACME ICARUS 320 LED Wash Beams, and 12 ACME WILLOWs.

Cautech was in charge of the lighting design, with Tony Lamplough, Simon Pentz and James Christie taking on the lighting operations.

This fund raiser festival started about 12 years ago, as a fund raiser for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare skin disease causing skin blisters at the slightest bump. Unfortunately, there is not much treatment or Government support, except through DEBRA (, which was set up to assist the families with children suffering with this disease.

With ACME's contributions, the festival not only entertained but also illuminated the path towards a brighter future for those in need.

ACME Gear List:


20 x ICARUS 320


Brighter Days:

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Photo Credits: Jesse Leigh Connelly and Tony Lamplough

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