Rocking with ACME: Unforgettable Moments at S2O 2024

The S2O Songkran Music Festival 2024, an electrifying celebration, merged music, water, and revelry into an unforgettable experience. Held annually in Bangkok, Thailand, this event attracted thousands of music enthusiasts from around the world.

This year, S2O unveiled an impressive lineup of international and local DJs, stunning visual effects, and water-themed stage designs. Attendees immersed themselves in dancing amidst water jets and spectacular lighting.

We were honored to be part of this event, contributing to the creation of a high-quality stage atmosphere with over 200 exceptional ACME fixtures. With 85 PIXEL LINE IP strip lights, 35 LYRA moving profile lights, and 90 OXOZONE moving LED wash lights illuminating the stage, our innovative lighting solutions shone the event, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all!

The PIXEL LINE IP, powered with 672 RGBW LEDs and 112 CW LEDs, boasts electronic frost effects and high-output strobe effects that transform the stage into a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

The LYRA, combining BEAM, SPOT, WASH, and FRAMING in one fixture, delivers 35,000 lumens at a native 8000K color temperature, elevating the atmosphere and visual impact of the stage performance.

Equipped with 19 x 40W RGBW LEDs, the OXOZONE features powerful beam and wash effects, pixel control, and color macro effects, creating vibrant and stunning visuals that capture the audience’s attention.

In conclusion, ACME is proud to contribute to the success of the SO2, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of stage lighting.

ACME Gear List:


35 x LYRA



Photo Cr. S2O Songkran Music Festival facebook fanpage

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