Water Resistant Magic Device

Every fascinating performance is the result & the efforts by all staffs whom behind the scenes. However, there will always be things that will happen. When the outdoor activities meet the rainy days, we have to become a “downstream squad”, with a waterproof bag, sprinting between the stages, just to protect the Fog Generator which without waterproof function. As the entertainment stage industry, we also feel the same, and this kind of hardship is nightmare…

Therefore, Canadian MDG, one of the leaders in the manufacture of stage effect, has conducted in depth research on this aspect in recent years. After repeated tests, the waterproof version of fog generator was born!

Now, we can tell you honestly: Don’t be afraid any more! Let us introduce MDG Me2 WPE All-Weather Fog Generator for you!

MDG Generator Series 3—Me2 WPE All-Weather Fog Generator

MDG Me2 WPE is a fog generator that can adapt to a variety of outputs and can continuously produce pure white no-toxis fog as long as the supply of fog oil is uninterrupted. In addition, the MDG trademark registered “Automatic Purging System™”(APS™) purges the heating modules after the first heating cycle, to prevent residual accumulation and clogging.

MDG Me2 WPE fog generator with two nozzles output, can be controlled by 3 channels DMX or RDM. Safety and reliability are its design philosophy. Its core is an electronic component with three different types of fail-safe system, can maintain the heat exchanger at a very stable temperature to prevent overheating and component failure. It is also equipped with a pressure reducing valve to help limit the working pressure to prevent overpressure.

Furthermore, MDG Me2 WPE use Boot loader which allows the internal circuitry of the device to be reprogrammed using its USB port.

After starting, just wait for eight minutes, you can have a strong pure white fog, the particle size is only 0.5 - 0.7 microns, accurate to 0-100% fog output control.

In practice, Me2 WPE has a maximum fog output of 200 m³ / 7,063 ft³ per minute; gas pressure up to 4.15 bar / 60 psi; at 2.76 bar / 40 psi, carbon dioxide(CO2) or nitrogen (N2) is only consumed 2.68 kg / 5.9 lb per hour, which is extremely low fuel consumption.

Me2 WPE, which has got CE, CSA and UL certification, can create a natural & almost invisible fog, and continuously work for the venue atmosphere. It is a good partner for laser lightings and waterproof beam lightings, such as XP-380 BEAM IP, which is recently developed by ACME, both of them are anti-rain artifacts! XP-380 BEAM IP will be launched soon, let’s looking forward its outstanding performance~

The unique weatherproof housing of Me2 WPE allows it adapt the wind and rain environment, make sure the outdoor activities can go smoothly!

P.S. If you are interested in Me2 WPE All-Weather Fog Generator which with powerful waterproof function, please contact the regional sales manager, ACME will be happy to provide free trial opportunities for our customers.