ACME THUNDER STRUCK, as equipped with 2304pcs RGBW LED light source,it was named “LP-2304”. The highlight of this fixture is powerful strobes effect, so it also called “The strongest strobe light”.

LP-2304 is composed of 12 led plates, each zone can be controlled individually. These plates are integrated into a whole part through the black encapsulation technique. You can’t find out any gaps between the combination.

It is also a Four-in-one LED light, mix with Red / Green / Blue / White colors, to reach the outstanding washing effect. Its beam angle can reach 110°, the highest lighting output is up to 70000lm, and no doubt with 0~100% smooth dimming.

LP-2304 with small size & only 16kg, act as a lightweight player, there are flexible stands at the bottom,make it can be placed horizontally or even on a certain slope steady. Of course, hung installation also acceptable. Its head & bottom with handle, easy for carrying & transporting.

The external appearance of LP-2304 without any imprint of screws, the back inserted an OLED screen, let the lighting designer can adjust the fixture accurately in darkness. Plus with IP65 waterproof index,ensure the outdoor performance can be working smoothly.

Benefit from 1500W power,the light of LP-2304 is more clear & bright. With the concealed magnet cover which can be quickly installed and removed, so that the beam angle to be adjustable. No matter beam or wash, you can switch it anytime anywhere. It is really a good partner of large scale performances, such as Concert, Stages play, etc.

Let’s have a look of its features:

Light Source: 2304pcs RGBW LED

Beam Angle: 110°

DMX Channel: 7/51 Channels

Control Mode: DMX512, RDM

Firmware Upgrade: Update via DMX link

Display: OLED display

Data In/Out: 5-pin XLR

Power In/Out: PowerCon Trueone in/out

Protection Rating: IP65

Power Voltage: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 1500W

Dimensions: 623×397×123mm

Weight: 16kg

Though LP-2304 is new product from ACME, but it was already devoted into performance market, do its best to serve customers. LP-2304 is “The strongest strobe light”, it will never let the customers feel disappointing.

Keep on fighting !ACME THUNDER STRUCK——LP-2304,lead everyone be impressed by your majestic & powerful lighting!