Crazy Electronic Music Parties in Chinese National Day

Today, the society is fast-moving, people's work pressure also gradually increased, and the electronic music can bring a feeling of decompression and relaxation. Therefore, more and more international electronic music festival are stationed in China. Electronic music attracts Chinese audiences with its unique charm. At the same time, Chinese local electronic music festival are also gaining momentum.


2018 DREAMLAND • Electronic Music Festival

DREAMLAND has grown quietly in the process of blending electronic music culture at home and abroad, bringing a wonderful electronic music experience to the ravers.

2018 DREAMLAND • Electronic Music Festival, the wildest and freest music festival in China, was held in Inner Mongolia “The City of Dreams” on 2018.10.02 – 03. “The City of Dreams” is located in the Tengger Desert, 51.8km far away from Bayanhaote Town, Alxa Left Banner, covers an area of 2,079 hectares and equal with more than 3,000 standard football fields, these areas are surrounded by desert.

This is the hardest Electronic Music Festival in the world, due to the changeable wind direction, high wind speed, the temperature is large difference between day and night in desert, in addition, the humidity is very low, the general fog particles cannot stay in the air as lack of moisture.

In the face of such a harsh desert environment, in order to create a wild and free atmosphere, ACME as the general agent of Canadian MDG in China and Taiwan, provided two MDG theONE weather generators for DREAMLAND Festival, which solved the problem easily. The generators work together with other stage elements, presented the most magnificent effect.

DREAMLAND tried to satisfy everyone's essential yearning for Electronic Music and RAVE. Whether you love boxing or cervical treatment, you can touch the oasis and the ocean in this desert without any scruples. Experience the chorus with all the strangers in front of the stage, and burst into tears with the fireworks and music.


2018 VISION & COLOUR(VAC)Electronic Music Festival

At the same time in Wuhan Garden Expo Park, there were many international top producers & super DJs got together. One-stop all services large-scale operation, two days of multiple music bombing, 2018 VAC —— the largest Electronic Music Festival in Central China had also become a beautiful scenery in Chinese National Day.

2018 VAC combined music and carnival to create a one-stop immersive experience, offering a lifetime of unforgettable carnival to Ravers, to create a representative world-class large-scale outdoor festival.

ACME sent 2 units MDG Me2 WPE waterproof fog generator for the 2018 VAC Festival, with the dazzling beauty stage lighting , shocking electronic music & the ravers keep waving the Chinese flag, makes the entire venue being climax !