Another Artwork of MDG – Let You No Longer Fear the Rainy Days

The last time we introduced the Canadian MDG Me2 WPE waterproof fog generator, this time we want to suggest another waterproof version —— ATMe WPE haze generator.

MDG Fog Generator Series 4

ATMe WPE haze generator


ATMe WPE in the video is an old version,

The appearance of the new version has been updated to the following picture~

please don't be confused.

MDG ATMe WPE is the waterproof version of ATMe, which is the best haze generator on the market. With variable output, it can produce a pure white haze with 0.5 - 0.7 microns particle size & hanging in the air constantly, greatly reflects the lighting effects of laser and beam lights.

In 1m/3.3ft operating conditions, the noise of ATMe WPE standard mode is 45.4dB; and the theatre mode reduces the fan speed based on the haze output level, ensuring that the sound quality of the scene is not affected.

ATMe WPE has very low fuel consumption. At 1.38 bar (20 psi), ATMe WPE requires only 55 ml (1.86 oz) fog oil per hour to produce haze. And its internal reservoir can hold up to 2.5 L (0.66 USgallon) fog oil, so the total running time is up to 46 hours.

Safety and reliability are the design philosophy, which same as MDG Me2 WPE fog generator. Equipped with MDG trademark registered Automatic Cleaning System™ (APS™), which automatically cleans the heating module to prevent residual build-up and blockage; There is a heat exchanger inside to prevent overheating and component failure; In addition, there is a pressure reducing valve to limit the working pressure & prevent overpressure.

Finally, the most important structural components of ATMe WPE is IP55 rugged weatherproof enclosure, making it as the best waterproof haze generator in the market, also is the efficient solution for theme park, fixed installation project and large-scale outdoor performances.

MDGATMe WPE allows you to stop being afraid of rain!

P.S. If you are interested in this powerful waterproof ATMe WPE haze generator, please call the regional business manager. ACME will provide you a cherish free trial opportunity~