CETUS XP-380 BEAM IP, A Waterproof Beam Lighting That can be Used A Whole Day

In addition to the most common indoor performances, large-scale performances are biased towards the outdoors, which tests the technology and quality of stage lighting. In order to ensure that the performance is unimpeded, every time building the stage, install a rain cover on the top of the lighting to protect it from the wind and rain. However, during large-scale events, when hundreds or even thousands of lightings are required to be equipped with rain cover, it will make the stage builders and lighting investors miserable.


How to ensure the use of the lighting is not subject to environmental and weather restrictions while achieving superior beam performance? This has become one of the most concerned issues for every stage lighting investor. Especially for outdoor activities, it takes a lot of manpower and time to load and unload the rain cover. It is also a trouble for the stage lighting investors!


To help customers solve their problems, ACME long-life waterproof beam light CETUS XP-380 BEAM IP came into being.


Last time, we introduced ACME's new XP-380 BEAM II, the oldest brother of the long-life lighting family, and the XP-380 BEAM IP is the second member of the family.


The long-life luminaire uses ACME's custom-designed black technology long-life bulb - OSRAM SIRIUS HRI® 370W LL, 6000 hours of life design, smart sleep mode, instant wake-up function, which indicates that this is a light source innovation!

XP-380 BEAM II and XP-380 BEAM IP, although they are members of the same family, they all have their own characteristics. Now let's take a look at the features of the XP-380 BEAM IP:


A. Beam Angle:2.5°

B. Linear motorized Focus.

C. 1 color wheel with 14 colors plus open+ Split color

D. Rainbow effect can be rotated in both directions.

E. 1 rotatig gobo wheel with 10 gobos plus 2 opens.

F. 8 facet prism+16 facet prism, both of them can rotate in both directions and overlay each other

G. Independent frost effect; Various strobe speeds.

H. Protection Rating: IP65


Among them, the most outstanding is the IP65 protection rating, to ensure that the lighting can be used around the clock, no need to install rain cover, and reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the lighting.


ACME XP-380 BEAM IP, although it combines high luminous efficiency, high speed, long life and IP65 waterproof, but because of its die-cast aluminum casing, the net weight of the whole fixture is only 30KG!

The lightweight design combined with the modular combination and features a quick-locked light hook for the 50MM TRUSS frame, which is very convenient for hanging installation and maintenance work.


There is no need to pay attention to the day of the show is sunny or rainy in the future.

Because you already own the always stand by fixture

CETUS——XP-380 BEAM IP waterproof beam lighting

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