The Powerful “Saber” XP-380 BEAM Glory Debut

ACME always working hard to research and develop new fixtures. Recently, it ushered a professional stage lighting --- XP-380 BEAM, which is one of the creative craftsmanship by ACME. 

The beam projected by XP-380 BEAM as straight as the mighty army knife, so ACME awarded it “Saber” title. Its various function have superior performance, which is the most cost-effective, and is the first choice for lighting designers. Now, let's see what’s the charming point of this new member.


The moving speed of Beam light is very fast, 

perfectly solves the problem of remote projecting in the stage.


LED light source is OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 371W, stronger beam and brighter light.


Excellent color macro function + linear focus system.


1 white color with 14 color wheel, colorful rainbow effect.


1 white round Gobo with 16 Gobo wheel, creates various patterns.


8 prism + 24 prism, can rotate in both directions, with independent frost effect.

Furthermore, the maximum power consumption of XP-380 BEAM can reach 535W, which gives you a sense of unwieldy and domineering, but its actual net weight is only 21KGS! The modular combination is very convenient for installation and maintenance. 

Such a high-efficiency, high-integration, high-effect, high-speed beam light, does it make you feel excited? Let’s add a shiny whole new member XP-380 BEAM into your lighting lists! Excellent function, conscience affordable price, intimate sales service, you will absolutely satisfied with it ~