Moving Bar TB-1230QW

Maybe your impression of the bar light is still as below.

Let’s tell you stealthily
ACME has already launched the moving bar!
ACME has already launched the moving bar!
ACME has already launched the moving bar!
The exciting news must be spoken out loud.

TB - 1230QW is attractive for "beauty" in both outside and inside.  Streamline design, you will find no trace of screw on shell. Buckle design on "head cover", you simply need a screwdriver to pry open, very convenient for maintenance.

Besides good looking, TB - 1230QW is also with outstanding characters: "changeable", "stable", and "strong". 


TB - 1230QW is a new type of bar light with moving head. Y axis rotation angle 220 ° enables lighting design no longer limited to plane, but becomes really stereoscopic. 12 x 30W RGBW LEDs, zoom angle: 3.5 ° ~ 38 °. Each LED can individually control R, G, B, W, and therefore could bring out various colors, effects. 

12 x 30W RGBW LEDs

Zoom Angle: 3.5°~38°

Photometrics diagram


Without screws on the shell, TB-1230QW realizes real seamless splicing. Equal LED space on TB-1230QW, same LED space between different fixtures after horizontal splicing, ensuring the integrity and consistency of lighting effects.


With patented "battery control motor brake circuit program" design.  In the case of external power disconnection, TB – 1230QW will automatically "brake", the head slowly reset, effectively prevent dust. Even if you have no time to take care of it, it can protect itself well.