Over 6,000 Hours Lamp Life in a Moving Head – the CHIRON XP-380 BEAM II

What is optimum lamp life?

What is the ideal lamp life for a stage lighting fixture? 1,000 hours? 1,500 hours? 3,000 hours? 20,000 hours? In an increasingly competitive market, lamp life is vital. If it’s too short, it impacts on maintenance costs and may also affect the performance itself. But if the lifetime of a lamp is too long, perhaps even exceeding the lifetime of unit, is it a worthwhile investment? What’s the optimum lifespan?

ACME can answer this question: the best option to balance procurement costs with operating costs is 6,000 hours. By introducing this new lamp technology to its luminaire range, we’re not just helping you from a product perspective, we’re also helping you to save money and operating expenses from day one. As your business partner, ACME doesn’t only sell lights!

Why 6,000 hours?

To ensure effective and safe performance, our customers often have to test and debug their lighting fixtures for a long time before each performance. Fixtures are often kept on, using full power, from noon every day, which soon starts to consume a discharge lamp’s usual 1,500-hour lamp life.

Why not 3,000 hours?

Because we don’t just think about value for money for our customers, we also consider the resale value of the fixtures. Can our customers sell-on their used stock at a good price?

Why not 20,000 hours?

Technical innovation and cost control are always the two ends of the seesaw. A 20,000 hour lifetime is more than 13 times that of a 1,500-hour lamp. What lighting fixtures replace a 1,500-hour lamp 13 times during the product’s life cycle? Are our customers really willing to pay up front for such an excessive figure?

The Quest for the Best

ACME, a professional stage lighting manufacturer with 34 years’ history in the lighting industry, is at the forefront of innovation. Our adoption of LED light sources in stage lighting has been extensive, but at the same time, we remain well aware of the limitations of the current generation of LED light sources, as well as the beam advantages of a new generation of discharge sources.

With this market perspective in mind, ACME has drawn on its partnerships with the world’s leading lamp manufacturers to introduce new CHIRON XP-380 BEAM II – an upgrade of ACME’s popular XP-380 BEAM, which customers will remember for its projected blade-like beam which earned the fixture its honorary name, ‘SABER’. With its excellent performance and competitive pricing, the SABER earned a strong reputation and significant market share.

Improving the Feature-Set

The CHIRON XP-380 BEAM II offers all the same functions as the SABER XP-380 BEAM, but with the added advantage of a 6,000-hour lamp life, greatly reducing the need for costly lamp replacements, thanks to the Osram SIRIUS HRI® 370W LL or Philips MSD PLATINUM 18 R LL long-life lamps, both of which are exclusive to ACME among all Chinese manufacturers. When the light source is on and the shutter closed, if there is no further command, the unit will automatically go into the low-power sleep mode until needed, at which point it will wake up instantly and reach full power operation for immediate use.

This addresses an important problem for rental companies, distributors, end-users and the entire performance industry. ACME believes that this kind of function can set a new standard for discharge sources in the future, making them a cost-effective solution for customers.

CHIRON XP-380 BEAM II features include:

  • Extended 6,000-hour lamp life
  • Fast movement: Pan, 540˚ in 2.8s, and Tilt, 250˚ in 1.6s.
  • Digital waveform correction, precise positioning, and no movement after reset
  • Beam angle down to 2˚
  • Macro color function, plus half-color effect, plus linear focus system
  • 14 fixed colors plus open, with rainbow effect
  • 16 fixed gobos plus open
  • Prisms: 8-facet and 24-facet, both rotatable in either direction and can overlay each other
  • Fast strobe speed

Saving Time

In addition to long-life lamp technology, the CHIRON XP-380 BEAM II is also equipped with an integrated fixed clamp for 50mm diameter truss, and a loading position for a 70mm diameter truss. Such attention to detail shows ACME’s concern for our customers, helping them to reduce loading and unloading time and labor cost when using the CHIRON XP-380 BEAM II.

Your First Choice!

With its high efficiency, high speed, long lifetime, mounting options, competitive price and excellent performance, ACME’s CHIRON XP-380 BEAM II moving beam is the most cost-effective option and the first choice for lighting designers and production companies.

Setting the Trend

The CHIRON XP-380 BEAM II is not going to be ACME’s only long-life stage lighting fixture. Rather, the new fixture will set a trend, as we continue to expand our series of long-life units to meet the needs of all our customers.

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