ACME AECO 20, the Milestone Product of High Color Rendering Range

The innovative high color rendering LED engine is the foundation of the ACME AECO series and today, we are proud to announce launching a milestone product: AECO 20.

AECO 20 is a new generation of high color rendering fixtures, benefits from the technological advances, from the upgrading 1400W HCRI LED engine, and from further research - all are aimed at making it more compact, lighter, brighter, and quieter.

The streamlined body, the large frontal lens, and the stylish design of the whole fixture, instantly can be recognized in dozens of fixtures. Curious what’s inside? Let’s take a close look!

A video presentation of AECO 20

With the innovative CMY flags and a wide-ranging 2,700K to 6,000K CCT control, you can produce perfect saturated Red(630nm±3nm), Green(535nm±3nm), Blue(450nm±3nm) and beautifully subtle color mixing with the smooth CMY flag transition and color temperature correction.

With absolutely no difference in color produced by all AECO series, you can use them together with confidence to provide consistent color across your lighting rig, perfect for even the most demanding designers.

Secondly, with the brand new HCRI LED, AECO 20 delivers excellent white light of RA≥95, R9≥90, R15≥95, assures a natural rendition of all skin tones. Specifically, for television work, we have included a plus and minus green channel and flicker-free management system for all vision systems including HD and UHD cameras.

To meet the “brighter” requirement, we give him a larger frontal lens 200mm in diameter. The high-efficient and precise optical system allow the light to focus over the complete 5°-50° zoom range.

Other benefits including two color wheels, one rotating gobo wheels, one animation wheel, a shuttering system, two rotating prisms, light & medium frosts with full zoom range coverage, give you total control over your designs.

For its high-quality light, 200 units ACME new star AECO 20 were chosen to serve the 100-day Countdown Ceremony of the 14th National Games, the 11th Paralympic Games and the 8th Special Olympic Games, which was held in Xi'an Olympic Sports Center, Shaanxi. The perfect combination of performances, music, lighting, and water, complemented the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center, transformed the history and modernity of Shaanxi into a picture of singing and dancing, created a fascinating and beautiful night scene.

With the total lumen output over 36,000lumens, the AECO 20 is not only a 4-in-1 hybrid fixture but also an energy-saving and environmentally friendly partner, which ideal for all kinds of medium to large scale concert, TV studio, theatre show, and multiple kinds of art performances.

Let’s looking forward to more grand events that ACME AECO 20 helps to define!

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