ACME EYEFLASH 2 Series: Make the Traditional Blinder Un-traditional !

This summer, with all expectant, ACME’s new audience blinder, EYEFLASH 2 series is launching! With the traditional blinder look, Eyeflash 2 abandoned the traditional heavy metal housing to be slimmer and be lighter: weighs only 2.5kg and not taller than 20cm, it can be easily packed into your backpack and touring with you to any stage.

To meet the multiple stage requirements, we develop it into 2 different types: Warm White and RGB. All are with 2 pcs Individual-Controllable 100W COB LED which is more economic. Have a close look at their performance in the below video firstly.

Video Presentation of EYEFLASH 2 WW & RGB

Feature: Remarkable Color Mixing, Numerous Preset Color Macro Effects, Switchable CCT Varied from 2500K to 8000K, Variable Speed Strobe Effects

Feature: Unique Tungsten Effect, Variable & Selectable Dimming Curves, Multiple Speed Strobe Effects, Flicker-Free Operation for TV & Film Application.

Fast and easy installation can often save a lot of time and nerves. Each one of Eyeflash 2 can be combined with the other by the quick-positioning joint and connecting board, to offer multiple mounting options and wide range washing effect.

The EYEFLASH 2 series, with a classic blinder appearance, featuring 2 pcs individual-controllable 100W COB LED, stunning strobe effect, and fast installation, surely will rage the market with its cute & light body and functional points which will get your stage more dynamic.

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