Low Power and High Output – AQUARIUS Unleash the Infinite and Create an Infinite Experience!

AQUARIUS Promo Video

ACME long-life waterproof fixture and lanterns come out in large numbers, after SCORPIUS,we usher in a "new generation"--AQUARIUS.

In addition to the 6000-hour long-life light source, IP66 protection level, and the "standard features" that can be used 24 hours a day, AQUARIUS pursues excellence in details. For example, the excellent optical design creates high output and high luminous efficiency. For example, the improvement of control technology makes the XY axis run fast and smooth, which is not inferior to non-waterproof lamps. There are other functions, waiting for you to unlock it yourself~

AQUARIUS, provides a high degree of flexibility for lighting engineers, unleash unlimited creativity. It is the choice of stage lighting for outdoor performances, theme parks, stadiums, landscape lighting and many other venues. Finally, present the dynamic and changing real-time lighting effects, poke and start the excitement.

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