DIABOLO 500 - The New Twinkle LEDs Effect Power Wash Light

Introduction Video

Let’s explore the DIABOLO 500.

No 1: The development purpose

Effect lights and wash lights are the hottest choice in the entertainment market. DIABOLO 500 not only realizes the market's demand but also improves the product from the aspects of cost saving, simplified control, and easy installation, which greatly improves the cost performance!

No.2: The Choice of the LEDs

Adopting with 12pcs high-power RGBW 4in1 LEDs and 31pcs Cold White effect LEDs, the strong wash output and saturated colour effect with dazzling white light beams such as starry sky and mid-air spiral, supplemented by pixel control and dynamic strobing speeds to create an excellent scenes.

No.3: The Narrow to Wide Zooming Angle

The zoom angle is so flexible, a small and narrow beam can be simply flat and powerful, while the widest zoom beam can be evenness and uniform. The special light spot effect has changed from the traditional way, the square light spot is unique and rich in color rendering.

DIABOLO 500 is suitable for stage applications that over 8 meters height. Not only Live Houses or EDM places, but also to build a more professional wash applications such as casino stage, school art stage and ballroom etc.

DIABOLO 500 - A ideal wash light choice of creative & unique quality.

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