Sharp and Bright Moving Head Light -- BONZAI 200, With Rich Functions, Better Quality and Price

BONZAI 200 Product video

ACME Moving Head Beam Light BONZAI 200 is officially launched! Changeable effect style, sharp and bright beam, etc. It is widely used in various entertainment applications.

BONZAI 200 uses a more cost-effective LED light source to project excellent light quality. The small base design is more compact, which improves space utilization and reduces storage and transportation costs. The light output angle is as small as 1.7°, which releases a sharp and powerful beam, and the high-output light effect is more dazzling and bright.

The rich gobo wheel and diversified color functions are matched with a variety of prisms, supplemented by variable strobe speeds, creating a strong visual impact, providing flexible creative space for lighting engineers, and greatly improving the return on investment of customers!


Using for ceilings and floors within 5 meters, it can present the best beam effect. With ACME DIABOLO 350, DIABOLO 400, DIABOLO 500 and other ACME moving wash fixtures, the high-bright beam sense is combined with the ultimate dyeing rendering to create a colorful fan Fantasy stage. BONZAI 200 + provides better choices for bars, dance halls, nightclubs, performances and other entertainment venues.

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