ANIMA series — 36-eye Gold Matrix Background Light Glamorous Flashing Light Effects Create Entertainment Burning Point

Recently, the entertainment market is gaining momentum, and ACME's various entertainment luminaires have emerged. Now another hot choice for entertainment, the ANIMA series come out.

ANIMA series product video

36-eye gold matrix background light—ANIMA C & ANIMA W. Its strongly flickers create a variety of lighting effects, and provide unlimited creative space for lighting engineers.
ANIMA C: 36pcs RGB LED, excellent color mixing effect

ANIMA W: 36pcs WW LED, retro gold light effect

The ANIMA series is light and thin, easy to assemble and light preset programming. It has Multiple beam angles, adjustable strobe speed, LED point-by-point control function and multiple luminaires spliced. The light covers a wide area and release charming flashing light effects. Equiped with with Diabolo 400, Diabolo 500 and other led wash, or BAR 12, strobe series and other effect lights, creating the ultimate rendering atmosphere. It can creat a new round of entertainment so it would be the best choice for bars, dance halls, clubs and other entertainment venues,


The shocking audio-visual scene of the Kunming Godzilla Electronic Theater frequently goes out of the circle. Thousands of ACME luminaires are flying on the stage, and many ANIMA C have appeared on the stage. The outstanding color flickering effect, combined with the folding mechanical stage beauty equipment, collides with the sparks of the top electric sound, and drive the hot night entertainment atmosphere. The carnival scene hit people's hearts.

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