ACME KRAKEN, The Newly Innovative Laser Saber

Ever since the introduction of the waterproof fixtures, ACME has been focused on developing new, pioneering technologies that offer new ways to motivate designers to reach further to inspire audiences.

New KRAKEN opens opportunities to bring the laser technology into where smaller, energy-efficient, yet powerful fixtures are required for outdoor large venues and global sports events.

A video presentation of KRAKEN

KRAKEN is a waterproof laser-engine-driven fixture with ACME’s innovative safe 260W laser source, lasting 12,000 hours, that produces punchy beam without any visible hotspots.

Equipped with a 230mm ultra-large lens, coming out a super powerful and sharp 0.8° saber beam which is able to achieve 372,000Lux @20m distance. By adding the saturated color wheel, the dynamic gobo and 2pcs combinable prisms, the single beam string will produce inspiring aerial effects The incredible array of colors from the unique laser source can always inspire the user in many ways of design.

With robust construction, IP66 protection, and durable aluminum die-cast housing, protect it from dust, sand, moisture, and liquids, and make it ideal for use in all situations from dusty deserts to rainy fields. Perfect for festivals and outdoor shows, as well as installation in open-air applications and other outside entertainment spaces, this ground-breaking fixture offers an exceptional operating life and reduced need for maintenance because of the sealed casing design.

The KRAKEN has the characteristics of long-throw distance, strong penetration, intensive beam power, and ultra-high-quality color effect. It is born for the outdoor application market.

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