POWERSOFT Free Public Training Lecture Returns

POWERSOFT as the leader of global corporation, it is the first company to adopt PWM pulse width modulation technology, headquartered in Florence, Italy. It dedicated to designing, producing and selling high-end patented technologies and solutions for the professional audio industry. Its professional audio department develops designs and produces power amplifiers and software control systems, providing product innovation and integrated expertise. It has gained worldwide reputation and ranks among one of the most popular brands.

ARMONIA PLUS is new audio software from POWERSOFT, with a variety of improvements designed to simplify the user experience, such as workflow methods and visualization methods for system design and tuning to maximize benefits

In February this year, REYN AUDIO and POWERSOFT established a close and friendly cooperative relationship and made their debut at the Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition.

In April of the same year, REYN AUDIO and POWERSOFT jointly held a large-scale free public training lecture on POWERSOFT at REYN AUDIO headquarters.

After a lapse of six months, based on the voices of our friends, we are once again honored to invite Mr. Luca Stefani, a POWERSOFT field application engineer from the previous training instructor, to visit the headquarters of REYN AUDIO to present the POWERSOFT ARMONIA PLUS Lecture 2.0!

The content of this training lecture is as follows:

November 25th :

ArmoniaPlus Training 101 (Entry Level)

November 26th :

ArmoniaPlus Training 202 (High Level)

November 27th :

Review the course and conduct further discussions to give students more practical opportunities.

Luca graduated from Giuseppe Verdi of the Conservatory of Milan, Italy, and has always been studying. He has extensive experience in the audio field. He has hosted the Venice Jazz Festival, Vicenza Jazz Festival, Italian Jesus Christ Superstar Manufacturing Show, broadcaster Kang Large-scale music performances such as Tato Tour, Roundhouse Reverberation Festival, Voice of London Youth, Live Performance of "Scarlet", Sonora Tour 2011.

This time, Luca came to REYN AUDIO again to share with us more than ten years of experience in the industry, teach ARMONIA PLUS operating skills, and make every effort to make everyone more proficient in using powerful POWERSOFT in the shortest possible time. ARMONIA PLUS software effectively improves work efficiency and reduces setup time.

Highlights of this lecture 


In order to make it easy for students to use the equipment for practical operations, REYN AUDIO provided a POWERSOFT X4 to each student at the training site. The students also brought their own laptops equipped with POWERSOFT ARMONIA PLUS to learn on the spot and strengthen the practical memory.

In addition, the students interacted with the instructor Luca and visited the REYN AUDIO factory and audition room to experience the excellent quality of audio equipment of REYN AUDIO.

Near the end of the year,

What kind of surprise will REYN AUDIO bring to everyone?

Let's wait and see ~

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