ACME Yifeng has Won the Title of Foshan City Benchmark High-tech Enterprise

Foshan Science and Technology Innovation Conference was held in the small auditorium of the municipal authorities.

The meeting carried out the important discussion of science and technology innovation, conveyed the spirit of Science and Technology Innovation Conference of the whole province. During meeting summarized the work of Science and Technology Innovation in Foshan city in 2019.

To become a high benchmark, an enterprise must meet a series of index requirements, including: scale index, innovation input index, innovation output index, etc. After data evaluation, summary, sorting and district recommendation list comparison, ACME Foshan Yifeng finally broke through!

Being one of Foshan enterprises with high level of innovation ability, ACME Foshan Yifeng was awarded the title of Foshan Benchmark High-tech Enterprise in 2019. Behind the corporate glory, it is ACME Foshan Yifeng years of relentless pursuit of innovation, breakthrough self-story.

At the meeting, it was praised by the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and received the plaque of Foshan Benchmark High-tech Enterprise. Personally issued by secretary Lu Yi, mayor Zhu Wei and other leaders of the municipal party committee and the municipal government.

Well, in 2020 year we will continue to strive for innovation, scientific and technological innovation by the force of sailing, strive to present more scientific and technological innovation achievements, to play the role of high benchmarking demonstration drive, promote industry innovation, promote industrial upgrading!

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