Labor Day is Coming, ACME Brings Sincere Blessings and Greetings to All ACMEers

Time flies to May 2020 in soon.
 In the first half of the year, we all have been through many trials and tribulations.

It is finally getting back to normal gradually for now.
After a long holiday beginning at the Spring Festival,Now we are all returning to work in orderly.
ACMEers have already fully put into work,
and spend the upcoming Labor Day with you!
To express sympathy and encourage morale to ACMEers,
ACME take this honorary Labor day to send sincere wishes and greetings.
Give ACMEers a gift of GRANGE travel experience pack.

Even if we can not spend time with the crowd as usual,and have to stay at home,
it will make us experience the "purity " of nature through GRANGE.
Feel the breath of pastoral grass and get catharsis and release.
Back to the original nature,
we all need more gentleness ...

Throughout the world, COVID-19 still not got over.
Domestic industries are under recovering,
ACME will continue to provide a warm harbor for all ACMEers.
At last, wish everyone all the best!
Happy May Day!
I work, I glory

GRANGE Introduction

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