ACME Appears at the Press Conference of

Affected by the COVID-19, major companies in the performing arts industry chain are under pressure and risk. In the current situation where the major lighting and audio exhibitions cannot be held, major companies in the industry have an urgent need for new products, new technology releases and exchanges.
In response to this situation, the " Live Broadcasting Sharing for Performing Arts Industry " co-sponsored by Video Knight and Huantianxidi Cultural Company came into being.


On June 30, 2020, the “Live Broadcasting Sharing for Performing Arts Industry " broke out in Daliang Guzi Garden, Shunde, Guangdong! Through the association's speeches, online brand announcements, forum discussions and other content to explore the current problems in the industry, and then explore feasible solutions and models.

This event also has a "shared cloud live broadcast room" that specifically addresses the needs of brand launches, which can continue to provide professional and high-quality online conferences for enterprises.

As one of the pioneers in the industry, ACME also brought two new "generals" to appear in Shunde's first high-end shared cloud live broadcast hall. Mr. Su Jian, director of product resource strategy at ACME, showed new products and technologies to everyone and shared R&D results, to promote the development of the industry.

ACME director of product resource strategy Mr. Su Jian

Let us also briefly look at the style of "Generals":

ACME GEIST BSWF Product introduction video

ACME GEIST BEAM Product introduction video

The online forum also invited industry experts and teachers to give live lectures from various aspects, share industry information, and discuss the development direction of the industry at this stage.

The performing arts industry sharing live streaming is a one-stop online marketing solution, which is perfectly linked online and offline. I believe he can fundamentally help ACME and a number of manufacturers in the industry to increase brand exposure, attract target customers, reduce customer acquisition costs, and to strength the brand.
Live broadcasting strength industry revolution, sharing intelligence links to the future.

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