2022 PLS Guangzhou Ended Successfully!

On February 28, the four-day Guangzhou exhibition ended successfully! The PLS Unicorn Show series of events has become a check-in point for Internet celebrities in Guangzhou. Let's review together, the full screen shock of those wonderful moments!

The theme of this stage show is "Awe of Time and Space, Chasing Light and Pursuing ", nearly 15 minutes of stage performances by more than ACME 1000 fixtures.


The unicorn show series derives a cross-industry, cross-brand, and cross-business immersive entertainment space, combining electronic music and live house models to create an immersive entertainment space through modularization and high efficiency, integrating equipment, technology, decoration, professional maintenance, software. Materials and other forces have created an indoor mini bar, breaking the routine, creating a subversive creative experience, and igniting the cells of the whole body!


The performance and party mode are integrated and crossed, integrating singing, food, wine, party, and interaction to reconstruct a new entertainment ecology and diversified entertainment scenes.

In addition, a number of industry leaders were specially invited to the scene to share and communicate from different angles based on their own tentacles in the industry, so that the guests could learn about the application and development of stage art equipment and the latest information trends and future development trends of the entertainment market.

There were also hot and lively DJ reality shows and live singers singing, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax, and the encore continued.


This exhibition can be so exciting, and it is inseparable from the full assistance and support of all teams!

Thanks to the organizer for resisting the pressure and providing an excellent platform for us to gather together.

Thanks to many equipment support units for eliminating difficulties and working together to present an unparalleled audio-visual feast!

Special Thanks

General Plan: Unicorn

Stage Design: MRT Show

Visual Design: Even Space





Laser: CR LED


Audio: Reyn Audio

Fog Machine: Antari

Digital Motor: KAYO

Wires & Cables: HAOGUAN

Communication, Visual & Image Equipment: MAGNIMAGE and MOMA

And all the staff behind the scenes

Let's meet next time!

---------------- THE END --------------