ACME's Participation in 2023 GETshow Has Come to a Successful Conclusion

The 2023 Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show (referred to as "GETshow"), hosted by Industry Association Of China Entertainment Equipment, concluded successfully at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Pazhou, Guangzhou. During this grand event, ACME and REYN AUDIO, as premium exhibitors, made full use of this international showcase platform to unveil ACME's latest technologies, products, and applications, ensuring direct engagement, communication, and service of high-quality with our customers. Today, let's take a look back at the exciting moments of the exhibition!

ACME Stage Show: Unleashing the Full Potential

The stage featured a dynamic area consisting of 10 new and flagship products from ACME and line array system of REYN AUDIO RL0.5 and RL1 SUB, The stage center was composed of SOLAR WIND, SUPER DOTLINE, PIXEL LINE IP, and LIGHTNING. With its V-shaped design, the stage showcased a three-dimensional display of high-intensity lighting combined with strobe effects, wash, and perfectly integrated beams, presenting a brand-new language of stage performance. STORM and SAGITTA fixtures were placed on both sides of the stage, with the former offering unique point control and circular control ambient light, and the latter providing a high-output, powerful beam to illuminate the stage background. The remaining lighting fixtures were distributed throughout the V-shaped center and the stage ceiling. LED screens provided by Shenzhen Gloshine Technology Co., Ltd created an immersive video environment using a dual-faced, 45° screen setup.

Of particular note at the center of our stage was the "Conductor" HUBS. It served as a control server that seamlessly linked sound, light, screens, light strips, fog machines, and special effects, enabling synchronized performances. It was the coordination of HUBS that allowed the control of the 10 product videos, as well as the stunning opening and closing light shows. Despite the four-day duration, the ACME booth continued to attract a steady stream of visitors. Now, let's take a visual journey and experience the vibrant ACME stage.

ACME Product Shines Brightly

The dynamic area with its 10 new products immediately captured the attention of numerous visitors and technicians. The static area displayed even more new products, presenting impressive technological breakthroughs and innovations across various product lines. STORM, LYRA, HUE 6 IP, CRUX, dual-sided PULSAR S5, SUPER DOTLINE, ARES, and others became star products that customers inquired about repeatedly. The multi-functional moving head series, IP rating series, effect lights, and entertainment lights boasted industry-leading technology, satisfying customers' demands for lens size, illuminance, waterproof performance, and versatility. ACME provided high-value, high-quality, and creative solutions. The REYN AUDIO RL0.5, RL1 SUB, and the MDG ATMe fog machine received unanimous recognition and praise.

ACME Dynamic Area Product Highlights:

  • SUPERNOVA: A versatile waterproof fixture with a large 210mm diameter lens, 42,000lm output, precise 4.5°-48.5° zoom, high CRI over 95 for clear imaging and accurate colors. Multiple color wheels, gobo wheels, and dynamic effects enhance the stage presence.

  • LYRA and CRUX: The waterproof Twins. These fixtures offer higher power, brightness in compact size compared to similar fixtures. High CRI filters, CMY linear color mixing, and vibrant color output are not to be missed.

  • ARES: an all-round discharge lamp combining beams, gobos, prisms, colors, and frost effect into one unit, surpassing regular discharge fixtures. With prism overlay and multiple dynamic effects, it can produce up to 80 built-in dynamic effects. It delivers sharp and intense beams ideal for large-scale events, with an output of 882,000 lux at a 10-meter distance.

  • SOLAR WIND: 3-in-1 hybrid long-term solution in our full new bulb-saving 500W LED moving light. It boasts a long lifespan of 20,000 hours; CRI>70, HCRI>90; linear CTO color temperature adjustment from 2,700K to 7,000K; five-phase motor drive for smooth and comfortable movement of the fixture in every action.

  • SUPER DOTLINE: Multi-functional moving head matrix light. Equipped with 10 main lights evenly arranged, plus 24 independently controlled zones with 96 cold white, warm white, and RGB LEDs, effortlessly transitioning between beam, coloring, and high-intensity strobe effects. Built-in battery provide power failure feature.

  • PIXEL LINE IP: Pixel strip lights, footlights, and wall wash lights - the first-ever lighting fixtures to incorporate ACME electronic Smart Glass frost effect technology.

  • LIGHTNING: A versatile effect light with 30 individually controllable color light section and white light beam section. Featuring electronic Smart Glass frost effect technology, it can shift from transparent to frost effects. It is capable of producing energetic strobe effects; wash effects, and sharp beam projections.

  • STORM: A multi-functional effect light features 10 powerful main lights capable of producing warm white and tungsten effects. With an inner ring ambient light and an outer ring angel eye design, it enables the creation of a more diverse range of lighting effects. The pixel control and circle control functions allow for multi-point surface lighting, backlighting, and dual rainbow effects.

  • HUBS: HUBS (AI PLUS) is a sound photoelectricity control system, mainly used in party room/KTV/pub/music bar/mini bar and so on. It allows for millisecond-level switching of audio-visual scenes through a unified control panel and supports the majority of control console recording functions.

HUBS has also become a focal point of discussion among domestic and international clients. On-site staff guide customers to experience it firsthand, and through the control screen, they can see the built-in application scenarios of AI PLUS. Users had the freedom to choose the specific scenarios they require.

ACME Staffs Went All out

From an empty space during the pre-exhibition stage to a successfully constructed stage with eye-catching booths, and until the exhibition area was filled with a constant stream of visitors, behind this amazing progress were countless unseen efforts by ACME staff, coordinating and communicating seamlessly. They worked arduously day and night before and during the event, demonstrating their unwavering dedication and unity of spirit in ensuring the high-quality execution of the company's objectives.

The transition from "nothing" to "something" prior to the exhibition was not only an honor but also a responsibility.

Throughout the exhibition, the staff enthusiastically introduced the product features and innovations, patiently addressing customers' inquiries and providing excellent service down to the smallest details. Their efforts received unanimous praise from the customers.


The joint efforts of Industry Association Of China Entertainment Equipment, renowned industry experts, and well-known exhibitors in the entertainment industry have resulted in the creation of an original lighting showcase called Cshow, which has caused a sensation at the exhibition. ACME's professional lighting products, such as SUPER DOTLINE, SPARKLINE, LEO, were used to display dynamic spatial and temporal art. Additionally, REYN AUDIO's sound products, such as RL210SUB and RL210, provided an immersive and impactful audio experience, delivering the best sound effects. The combination of outstanding sound clarity and powerful sound pressure, along with the lighting effects, created a visually and audibly stunning stage artistry.

This is a comprehensive showcase of ACME and REYN AUDIO's research and development achievements, as well as their professional and high-quality image in the field of lighting and sound. We will continue to align with market demands, leverage our professional strengths, gather strong innovative vitality, and build a new ecosystem for industry development. We would also like to express our gratitude to all ACME colleagues for their hard work in ensuring the success of the exhibition. ACME employees will continue to strive on the path of technological innovation, never ceasing to advance. ACME and REYN AUDIO will embark on Prolight + Sound Guangzhou (PLSG), injecting fresh blood into exhibitions with high-quality lighting and sound. Mark your calendars for May 22-25 and join us. You won't disappoint!

Special Thanks to:

Thank you to Shenzhen Goxiang Technology Co., Ltd. for sponsoring the LED screen at the ACME booth. We appreciate your support!

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