ACME Lighting Made a Dazzling Debut at LDI 2023

ACME is honored to attend LDI 2023 for the first time, which was held from December 3rd to 5th in Las Vegas. The acclaimed Lighting Design International (LDI), north America's largest and most prestigious showcase for stage lighting and sound technology, stands as a global leader in its category.

Constructing Booth

ACME constructed an awe-inspiring booth 1603 to ensure the design is visually stunning and effectively communicates the brand message to visitors. The carefully designed space served as a canvas to showcase ACME groundbreaking lighting solutions.

Fixtures Introduction

At the LDI, we showcased various outstanding fixtures, including the BLINDER LINE 10 IP, THETA, PULSAR S2, SANDANE FROST, MANA HYBRID, SUPERNOVA and so on. Each fixture is designed with advanced technology and innovative features to deliver a visually stunning experience.

  • BLINDER LINE 10 IP: A highly versatile linear blinder light with ten 150W RGBAW LEDs, individual pixel control, built-in macro effects, and electronic frost system.

  • THETA: Combining the power of BEAM, WASH, and Pixel Mapping functionality into one unique fixture, it features a 200W LED and thirty 40W RGBW LEDs, a zoom range from 4° to 51°, adjustable CTO color temperature and color macro effects.

  • PULSAR S2: A rugged, multi-effect moving fixture with its dual head design. It has powerful beams, individual pixel control and strobe effects.

  • SANDANE FROST: A compact, lightweight, energy-efficient fixture. It features fifty-five 6W RGBL LEDs, total output of 10,000 lumens, electronic frost system, and strobe effects.

  • MANA HYBRID: A moving hybrid light with a 170 mm frontal lens, 600W LED, a zoom range of 2° to 43°, standard and HCRI modes, and a total output of 21,000 lumens. It features multiple gobos, including 13 static gobo wheels, 8 rotating gobo wheels, and 5 color wheels.

  • SUPERNOVA: A versatile fixture with a 225 mm frontal lens, a zoom range of 4° to 48°, a high CRI of greater than 90, an output of 65,000 lumens, multiple gobos, and a wide array of effects.

Light Show

ACME remarkable fixtures were used to display dynamic lighting effects at LDI 2023, showcasing the versatility, precision, and vivid colors. The show attracted a large number of visitors to our booth to watch the light show. Enhance visitors’ experience with ACME Lighting - the perfect combination of brilliance and innovation!

ACME Lighting went well on LDI 2023, which was not only an exhibition, but also a melting pot of creativity, a platform where experts pushed boundaries and explored new frontiers in lighting, sound, and stage technology. Stay tuned as ACME lights up the future, one innovation at a time.

Special Thanks to:

Production Design - Keith Neves @nevescreative

Programming - Mike Sheck @heyimsheck

Lighting and Production Services - VOLT @voltlites

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