Unveiling Brilliance: ACME Lighting Shined at LDI 2023

On December 5, 2023, the three-day LDI exhibition was successfully concluded in Las Vegas. During the exhibition, our booth was strategically divided into two captivating zones, showcasing the latest products and technologies. Today, let's take a look back at the exciting moments of this exhibition!

Dynamic Showcase Area: A Symphony of Performance and Design

In the dynamic showcase area, visitors can enjoy a visual feast featuring an array of ACME latest fixtures. From the powerful SUPERNOVA to the hybrid MANA HYBRID, the extraordinary THETA, the multi-effect PULSAR S2, the dynamic LIGHTNING, the brilliant SUPER DOTLINE, the groundbreaking BLINDER LINE 10 IP, the versatile PIXEL LINE IP, the compact SANDANE FROST, and the dual-functional GEMINI - each fixture showcased unparalleled performance and groundbreaking designs. The booth buzzed with excitement as these luminaires captured the attention of numerous enthusiastic visitors and industry professionals.

Static Showcase Area: An Up-close Encounter with Innovation

In the static showcase area, an intimate experience awaited visitors, allowing them to get up close and personal with outstanding fixtures like SUPERNOVA, MANA HYBRID, PULSAR S2, LIGHTNING and so on. This carefully curated space provided a unique opportunity to explore ACME latest products and technologies in detail.

Elevating Brand Image and Market Influence

ACME Lighting's presence at LDI 2023 marked a significant milestone, further enhancing the brand's image and market influence. The exhibition also laid the groundwork for future endeavors in the North American market.

As we reflect on the success of LDI 2023, ACME looks forward to a future filled with continuous innovation and the promise of delivering unparalleled brilliance to the worldwide stage lighting community.

Special Thanks to:

Production Design - Keith Neves @nevescreative

Programming - Mike Sheck @heyimsheck

Lighting and Production Services - VOLT @voltlites

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