Symphony of Art and Technology: ACME's Mesmerizing Exhibition at 2024 GETshow

The four-day 2024 GETshow exhibition opened on March 3rd at the Canton Fair Complex/Hall D in Pazhou, Guangzhou, attracting nearly a thousand globally renowned brands. The exhibitors gathered to showcase their latest products, insights, and applications.

ACME's Day One at Getshow 2024

Among the distinguished participants, ACME and REYN AUDIO emerged as standout highlights, capturing the spotlight with the remarkable products.

ACME Booth Captivates with Creative

ACME and REYN AUDIO brought a series of new products to showcase breakthroughs. To highlight the latest achievements, we set up Professional and Entertainment Lighting Demonstration Areas that merged "Art and Technology" into capturing light shows. The Professional Lighting Demonstration Area featured an opening light show, product demonstrations, a closing light show, and live broadcasts, providing audiences with an immersive lighting experience.

ACME's opening light show

ACME's closing light show

The light shows delivered a powerful audio-visual impact! Art and technology collided and merged together, presenting an immersive feast of technological beauty and expressiveness!

Starting from March 4th, following the stunning light shows, ACME led audiences on a virtual tour of our factory via live broadcasts, offering an insight into ACME's production strength and quality assurance.

ACME Products of Exceptional Quality

ACME booth consists of a Professional Lighting Demonstration Area, a Entertainment Lighting Demonstration Area, and Conference Area, each with their own unique features. The Professional Lighting Area showcased 12 new ACME products, including the debut of the AECO 30 IP, the versatile TORNADO with five heads, and the innovative PULSAR S2, among other groundbreaking products.

Vertical screens played product videos that interpreted the design philosophy and innovative features of our products, while the lights simultaneously demonstrated corresponding effects. This dynamic presentation allowed attendees to vividly experience ACME's technological innovations!

Furthermore, the Entertainment Lighting Demonstration Area also drew a large crowd. Compact luminaires like BOXER, DETONATOR, GODFATHER, MAGICIAN, ect., shone brilliantly under the expertise of the lighting designers, providing a delightful entertainment experience for the on-site audience.

The Entertainment Lighting Area also included the PIVOT, an exceptional server controlling sound, light, and video. All equipment in this area was coordinated and controlled by this compact yet powerful PIVOT.

Additionally, REYN AUDIO's sound products such as RL0.5, RS118, and M600 showcased our brand's image from multiple perspectives. MDG fog machines like Me1 and ATMe further proved our comprehensive strength in the market.

Bustling Crowds and Enthusiasm

The venue buzzed with activity as numerous visitors stopped by to watch and inquire about our products. The Conference Area became one of the busiest spots on-site, demonstrating the brand's significant influence within the industry.

Cshow: Igniting Spectacular Light Show

During the GETshow, ACME fixtures TORNADO, THETA FX, PULSAR S2 and SUPER DOTLINE proudly participated in the Cshow performance at Hall 17.2, Booth D7. With the theme of “Xing”, the Cshow transported the audience into a multidimensional space, awakening their senses and setting a new trend in entertainment performances with stunning sound effects, lighting effects, and exquisite visual artistry.

Special Thanks to:

Shenzhen Gloshine Technology Co., Ltd for sponsoring the LED screen at the ACME booth

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