ACME Lighting Gets Pumped Up at Keith Urban’s World Tour

Four-time Grammy Award winner Keith Urban pushed forward The Speed of Now Tour 2022 from April 28th to December 17th. And it has crashed America and Canada. Critics from around the world have hailed Urban’s concerts as great success. The crowd went wild by his brilliant voice, captivating skills on the guitar.

"For the next two hours, I'm going to make a utopian experience in this arena," Keith said. And he delivered!

It was a carefully crafted show with an energy and showmanship, making good use of video screens, infectious showmanship, virtuoso guitar playing and marvelous stage lighting. 47 SOLAR IMPULSE, 22 SUNRISE, 90 PIXEL LINE IP and 62 GEMINI shared a magical experience with eager fans.

Photo by Lisa Mark Matson

Photo by Brennon Williamson

With a break-through total power of 1,000W over 35,000lumens, SOLAR IMPULSE proves to be a comprehensive spotlight fixture to highlight Keith’s presence. High CRI switch mode, 4x framing shutters, diversified gobo wheels, animation wheel and frost filters altogether glorify Urban on stage.

SUNRISE makes a great leap to super-bright output of 60,000lumens, distributing concentrating beam or even wash effects smoothly. Zoom rage of tight 5°to wide 72°satisfies your every need. It also comes with linear CMY color mixing, 4x fast and smooth framing shutters, 2x color wheels and dual diffusion filters.

PIXEL LINE IP and GEMINI, two eager goers to many famous singers’ concerts, also participated in this huge event. Equipped with 672 x 0.5W RGB LEDs and a masterly 112 x 3W Cold White strobe, together with patented Smart Glass Technology for electronic frosted/transparent effects, PIXEL LINE IP aims to decorate a power packed show. Multiple units can be split-jointed. Strobe and Zoom bar GEMINI’s unique design is capable of making every concert stand out. Infinite pan & tilt movement allows you to project RGBW beam light and CW strobe light to any corners.

Photo by Lisa Claire Bower

Photo by Lisa Claire Bower

All in all, ACME is delighted to support his incredibly powerful performances and happy to meet fans’ expectations with our creative, emotional visuals.

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Design: Human Person – Ben Dalgleish

Lighting Director: Brent Maxon

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GEMINI 62pcs

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