The Chromatica Ball Tour Displays Edgy ACME Lighting

One of Pop’s greatest artists Lady Gaga kicked off Chromatica Ball tour on July 17th and the review was insane! She burned up like a star with her bold, intricate outfit, full-blown choreography and artistic stage lighting design.

"I have not been on stage since 2018 on a tour," said Gaga laughing and adding, "I want to allow you all to interpret this show in the way that you want to."

The Chromatica Ball's staging was sapped of all colours with ACME’S lighting elaborately placed in different parts of the brilliant, disco-laced stage which was full of individuality and tension. ACME' GEMINI was located in the pod as the background and on top of the stage which masterly integrates strobe effect, beam, wash, and infinite pan and tilt rotation. It was combined with Gaga's sculptural clothing to create various dynamic and explosive effects above.

Her songs were ecstatic and furiously energetic. "911" reminded us of something intense and shining like red. "Telephone" added with a bluish touch while "Monster" felt like green, a delicious electropop confection. DOTLINE360 was decorated on the inner wall. As the LED strip effect lights, its color mixing is excellent and the effect is changeable. Tilt rotation can operate at large range, which realized the full coverage of the light on the stage. THUNDERBOLT illuminated crazily from under the stage column. The two effect lights adjusted the corresponding color continuously with the music.

Incorporated on the sides of main stage and side stage walkways, PIXEL LINE IP laid all flamboyant energy out on stage.

Photo by Samir Hussein

Gaga commented "The show celebrates things I have always loved like art and fashion and dance and music and technology, poetry, and the way all of those things work together." We strongly believe Lady Gaga could still innovate and demonstrate what art stands for.

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Designer: Seven Design Works – LeRoy Bennett

Lighting Director: Celine Royer

ACME Gear:


DOTLINE360 40 pcs

GEMINI 104 pcs


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