Longcheng International Circus Grand Theatre, a Fantasy World You Never Knew

Speaking of circus, what can you think of?

Is it a smashed and cute animal show?

Or a funny and humorous clown?

Or a thrilling skill program that flies up and down?


Nothing is impossible in the circus world! Jumping, flying and dancing come in handy. It is a fantasy world you never knew that dancing with wolves, talking to lions and playing with birds.


On September 14th, 2019, Hebei Longcheng International Circus Grand Theatre opened grandly! A world –class high-end theatre-- Longcheng International Circus Grand Theatre, which is located in Shuangfengsi Town, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City, Hebei Province. This is the first large-scale circus theatre in North China with a global real-life stage.


The nearly 10,000 square-meter circus theatre can accommodate nearly 4,000 spectators at the same time and it is with beautiful stage equipment and theme programs. So it won’t be not have a large international performing team.

More than 100 outstanding circus performers cover four continents and more than ten countries and regions, aiming to jointly perform the wonderful circus program and offer a unique visual feast for the spectators.


The show combines a variety of art categories such as acrobatics, dance, burlesque, extreme sports, vocal music and water sports and so on. In order to better present the atmosphere of the scene, the production tem paid great attention to the design of the stage art, and selected the stage equipment with excellent quality and stable performance.


The theatre use ACME XA-1000 BSWF II, XP-16R BSW II, AP-LED3715, TB-1230 QW, LED-BL4, CM-S6 and so on, nearly 1,000pcs ACME professional stage lightings to create a concert level lighting effect. The lighting design is adding to the multitude of elaborate circus shows and also bringing the lively atmosphere to a more vibrant atmosphere.


It is also selected RYEN AUDIO RL 1, RL 1SUB, M600, QX4, CA-863T and so on. The music spread from REYN AUDIO classic audio equipment, which has super high quality, spread in the nearly 10,000 square meters circus theatre, the overall sound quality clear and not harsh, very in line with the children’s viewing conditions.


In addition, ACME also brought four ATMe mist generators from the famous Canadian brand MDG to circus theatre. The pure white MGD mist with cool ACME lighting and stunning REYN AUDIO sound, the scene and stage effect are completely subverts your imagination!

The scene of the Longcheng International Circus Theatre is like a sea of joy.

The interactions of dreamy background, beautiful music, exotic performances and joyful and funny clowns have won the applause of the scene and brought an artistic enjoyment to the spectators.

Click on the small videos below and take a look.

Special thanks

Producer:Yu Peijun

Chief director:Yu Peijun

Executive chief director:Zhao Xuke

Senior producer:Chen Dongye

Executive director: Liu Xiaofeng

Director:Fan Yiwen, Fu Qian, Zhang Xiaoya, Tie Weibin, Guo Jingwen  

Lighting chief design: Yu Jiang

Audio chief design:Fan Shunhui

Stage art chief design: Liu Gang

Stage art design:Zhang Qiang