An Unexpected Exchange
Between TAO Dance Theatre and Cloud Gate Theatre, ACME Witnessed It all!

Short video from TAO Dance Theatre

What are TAO Dance Theatre and Cloud Gate Theatre?

12 -- Photo by Tao Ye

Cloud Gate is the name of the oldest known dance in China. In 1973, Cloud Gate Theatre was founded by the choreographer Lin Hwai-min in 1973 by adopting this classical name, who combining Chinese calligraphy with dance and founded this first contemporary dance company in the greater Chinese-speaking community.

12 -- Photo by Liu Zhenxiang

Due to its dances are very professional and beautiful, the renowned Cloud Gate became famous among dance industry. Acclaimed as “Asia’s leading contemporary dance theatre” (The Times), and “One of the finest dance companies in the world” (The Globe and Mail), Cloud Gate was constantly invited to perform at many international art festivals.

12 -- Photo by Zhang Shengkun

TAO Dance Theatre was founded by Tao Ye, Duan Ni and Wang Hao in2008. Over the last 11 years, TAO Dance Theatre has toured in more than forty countries and over 100 arts festivals, attracting the attention and receiving high acclaim from all over the world. The choreographer Tao Ye adopted traditional eastern style into its dances and abstract pure beauty of dancers’ body.

Multiplication (乘法)—Photo by Liu Zhenxiang

Tao preferred using the amount of dancers as performance’s title and this series has been praised by many famous professionals, even he became one of the most eye-catching choreographers. TAO Dance Theatre was the first contemporary dance company from China invited to perform in Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts(US) , Edinburgh International Festival (UK), Sydney Opera House (AU) and the Theatre de la Ville in Paris ( France ).

Multiplication (乘法)—Photo by Liu Zhenxiang

Chosen by the Critics’ Circle, U.K., Cloud Gate won the award for “Outstanding Company” in the 2018 National Dance Awards. Meanwhile, TAO Dance Theatre has been praised by The New York Times for four times for the company's "theatrical force and authority” and acclaimed by The Times as a “radical new presence” on the contemporary dance scene. Before this year, no one ever expected that these two Giants will perform at the same stage and even exchange the choreographer. Such an unexpected Exchange between them did happen in this November!

Autumn River (秋水) -- Photo by Li Jiaye

From 7th to 10th Nov, their new performance named “EXCHANGE” made its live debut at Shanghai Oriental Art Center. There are 3 dances combined in this Exchange: 12 choreographed by Tao Ye staged by Cloud Gate dancers, "Multiplication (乘法)" by Cheng Tsung-lung performed by TAO dancers and "Autumn River (秋水)" by Lin Hwai-min for Cloud Gate dancers.

Autumn River (秋水) -- Photo by Li Jiaye

Such pinnacle cooperation, how can ACME miss it! The ACME SOLAR FLARE worked as hard as dancers! The projection of Solar Flare was gorgeous, elegant and colorful, supercharged the beauty of dance and brought all audience into the outstanding state of art.

Autumn River (秋水) -- Photo by Li Jiaye

The professional moving head light—ACME SOLAR FLARE, fitted with breaking-through 1000W white LED technology, is the perfect replacement for all max strength spotlights with discharge lamps up to 1400W. It masterfully combines the BEAM / SPOT / WASH plus a 4-blade FRAMING shutter four functions into one solidly build unit. The 5-55 degree 1:10 zoom is smooth and consistent throughout the entire range without any hitches or pauses. By equipped with CRI 90/70 switch and a light / heavy frost filter is an option for multiple video recording or fashion show application as well.

In the next, EXCHANGE will continue its tour to Beijing, Jinan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, and etc. This performance, prepared by top choreographers, performs by two giant companies and presents heart-stopping moments of wonder, absolutely cannot be missed!

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