The Song of Heroes in Harm's Way- The Show for Jiangsu Province’s Salute to Healthcare Workers

12 May, is celebrated as International nurses' day every year, it is a day in memory of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing science, which was established in 1912. The aim of the day is to promote and carry forward the humanitarian spirit of Nightingale, who risked his life to save the wounded and rescue the dying.


After nearly three month’s preparation, the song of heroes in harm's way--The Show for Jiangsu province’s salute to healthcare workers was held in Jiangsu grand theater.This is the first Show after Jiangsu grand theater reopens, it is a hero's return party, is also an unusual literary performance.


The Show was hosted by the Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Cultural Tourism Department of the Provincial Health Committee and the Provincial Literary Federation and was organized by the Provincial Broadcasting Group, the Provincial Performing Arts Group and the Jiangsu Grand Theater. It is an artistic way for Jiangsu artists to express their high respect and deep gratitude to the most beautiful heroes in harm's way represented by 2,820 healthcare workers who have assisted Hubei.It was broadcast on Jiangsu SATELLITE TV and Lychee News on 16 May.


The whole Show is moving with emotion, through music, poetry, painting, dance, cloud chorus, opera and other different forms of programs. The stage selects ACME CM-700Z and XP-20R BSW as professional stage lighting. The strongest artistic team is working together, to bring the audience back to the memory of the early spring of 2020, and pay tribute and respect to heroes in harm's way.


"Bless life, heal the wounded, rescue the dying, be willing to sacrifice great love boundless"--When the doctors on stage speak out the spirit of the new age of hygiene and health workers, there is a great applause in the theater.


"The sky is higher and land is wider after experienced, Love spring breeze and sunshine more after pay out, heart to heart and hand in hand, our will is as strong as iron. I believe China must be strong". With the strong of “China must be strong”, the Show ends, leaving all people with endless touching and memories.


Hero retrogrades when the nation is in difficulty.

Spring comes once steps over the cold winter.


---------------- THE END --------------