ACME and MDG-assisted Guangzhou Friendship Theatre Presents Artistic Beauty

Founded in 1956, Shantou City acrobatic troupe, is one of the state-owned arts and cultural troupes under the Shantou Culture Group, is also the only established city in Guangdong Province with a Southern Guangdong style of professional acrobatic magic art excellent performance group, in order to use the traditional creation of the tide of folk creation of "tide music top skills" and "double flying swallows" and other live dumping of provincial audiences, won the "Flower of the South Country" reputation.


From July 6 to 7, 2020, Shantou City Acrobaticgroup brought the first acrobatic report drama "Heart Burn and Nostalgia" planned by the famous Chinese choreographer He Xiaobin over a period of more than a year to the 55-year-old Guangzhou Friendship Theatre to participate in the 2020 Guangdong Provincial Academy of Arts and Crafts performance season co-sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Cultural And Tourism Department.


It's the first time Heartburn and Nostalgia has made their debut in Guangzhou since its premiere in February 2019.

The Friendship Theatre in 1965 was ranked in the first-class national theater, is a multi-functional modern entertainment venue, the audience hall seats more than 1500, the stage is spacious, the total width of 26.7 meters, the total depth of 19.9 meters, sound and light effects are excellent.

It brings the courtyard and garden with the traditional characteristics of Lingnan into the modern architecture, enjoys the reputation of "courtyard-style theatre", has been loaded into the domestic architectural textbooks, is the most perfect, the highest grade of the first-class grand theatre. Over the decades, he has hosted hundreds of national and regional art groups, including the Royal Ballet, as well as performances by thousands of Chinese central and provincial theatre companies.

In a performance, face light and fog effect for the whole performance effect is also particularly important, can play a complementary role.

To this end, the lighting designer Li Yannan for the "heart burn and nostalgia" selected ACME AM1 WW face light and MDGATMe mist generator, with a new look, to meet the Shantou City acrobatic troupe, for the audience to present the quality of service brought by the artistic beauty.


"Heart burn " closely around the "missing, nostalgia, nostalgia" this main line, the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of the tide people to open up the history of struggle as the background, with delicate artistic techniques to depict the unique "overseas" culture. The performance of the Tide people love the motherland, the courage to open up, dare to be the first valuable spirit and warm-hearted home construction, the heart of the development of the motherland of the national conditions.


In addition to showing the actor's superb acrobatic skills, first-class dance beauty and music production also let the whole play flow of light, beautiful dream, so that this story, spread traditional culture, carry forward the Chinese spirit of the fine drama in front of the audience stunning presentation, take you deeply feel the overseas Chinese's thoughts and affection.


ACME AM1 WW Face Light

Compact design, strong light output, energy saving and environmental protection, matching a 200W high output high-finger COB warm white LED light source, color temperature 3000K, CRI-95, zoom ingress 10 to 40 degrees, spread range Large and uniform, easy to become a head-shaking zoom face light, suitable for the stage, theater, church, dance hall, concert and other places of activities.

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MDG ATMe Mist Generator

Its predecessor was ATMOSPHERE APS, a professional mist generator known as the industry standard for nearly two decades, that perfectly fits the lighting effect. This evolution of the single-nozzle high-output mist generator ATMe, which continues to update itself in the wake of industry demand, with the goal of becoming the best mist generator on the market.

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