ACME Fixtures Stunning the Premiere Show of “The Story of Magic”

On November 20th, the amazing magic show “The Story of Magic” premiered in the Congress Hall in Kyiv, Ukraine!

Інші. Новий цирк is a Ukrainian project, which brought together talented Ukrainian artists, known around the world, for the sake of new sensational experiments. We combine circus and choreography, the mechanisms of scenery and emotions of people, strength and grace - all genres of creativity, from which we make new impressions and a new circus.

If magic does not exist, then what is it? New family show-lecture "The story of Magic"! When we conceived this adventure, we immediately decided that magic should not only impress, but also be useful. So we combined show elements of tricks and illusions with a cognitive lecture on the history.

“In a few days, for an hour and a half, we will tell who invented the first illusions, how magic was influenced by the Inquisition and technological progress, and much more. We will surprise you with tricks and illusions that will change your perception of the ordinary and the impossible.” The production team said.

In 90 minutes of an incredibly fun journey, this show visited all epochs and continents: from the pharaohs of Egypt and the ancient theater to modern digital lasers. “We invite you to an illusory show, which we created in the format of a lecture, to combine the useful with the impressive and real knowledge with fantastic emotions and opportunities.”

This stage lighting specially selected a lot of ACME fixtures, such as the new ACME Gemini, with its excellent color mixing effect and a variety of strobe, Gemini grants a full movement that keeps an infinite loop for magic effects. And ACME Dotline, offers excellent color lines and smooth output across the two independent zoom zones. It ranges from a very narrow-angle light curtain effect to a wide-angle wash bar so that achieve the water curtain.

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