REYN AUDIO and MILE ROOM Join Hands to Create an Indoor Electronic Music Festival

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When night falls, the lights are everywhere. An ancient city with more than 3,000 years of humanistic history- Mile, shows its unique charm everywhere.

Mile is located in the northern part of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, at the junction of the three cities of Kunming, Gejiu, and Kaiyuan, and the two economic zones of Central Yunnan and Southern Yunnan. It is the north gate of Honghe Prefecture and creates a full-scale tourist city in Mile City. MILE ROOM is here.

MILE ROOM Electronic Music Party Factory is a brand new entertainment landmark, with infinite multi-dimensional intervention, so comprehensive and diverse, creating a new entertainment brand and an unfettered party venue. The ultimate music concept, the integration of sound and light will bring the best party experience, allowing you to fully integrate into it.

Like many popular music festivals around the world, a top-notch sound system can bring a better quality music experience to the scene.

MILE ROOM adopts REYN AUDIO- the classic audio brand to create an unexpected dancing experience.

MILE ROOM has an area of 500 square meters and a height of 9 meters, which can accommodate hundreds of people at the same time.

Refer to the sound field requirements of the indoor electronic music festival, REYN AUDIO starts from sensory experience and sound field energy. Tailor-made sound system design for MILE ROOM allows all players to experience the electronic sound bombardment at close range and a 360° surround sound feast.

RL212 line array speaker

The main sound reinforcement of MILE ROOM adopts REYN AUDIO's RL line array series, each group is composed of 4 pcs RL212 line array speakers

8 pcs RL212 sounds uniformly cover from near to far, and the cabinet adopts modular design. The treble of the middle and high tone forming module adopts dual 3-inch metal diaphragm. Linear high-frequency plane wave sound generator, high-frequency long-distance projection can be strong, penetrating. With high-performance 1*10 inch midrange unit and 2*12 inch woofer, it has excellent remote projection power and fax.

RS221 dual 21 inch ultra low frequency

The main subwoofer is matched with 6 RS221 dual 21-inch subwoofers, let the shocking electronic sound bomb your soul. RS221 is composed of two 21-inch B&C units imported from Italy, with a frequency response of 25Hz-100Hz. RS221 is a reflective subwoofer speaker system, which can be stacked on the ground or hoisted in any direction. The cabinet is designed with bass reflex and can accommodate a single long-stroke 21-inch driver. Various designs make the maximum sound pressure up to 143.3 dB.

The auxiliary sound reinforcement system uses 6 RX212 high-performance three-way speakers and 4 RX15 two-way speakers. RX212 three-way loudspeaker, the internal use of imported Italian B&C tweeter, the operating frequency is 68Hz to 19kHz. The treble adopts a 3-inch metal diaphragm, the midrange and woofer are 8 inches and 12 inches, respectively, with 75°x 40° dispersion directivity.

RX212 three-way speaker

RX15 two-way speaker, built-in a 15-inch mid-woofer unit and a 3-inch tweeter, can provide different audio segments for various fixed installation audio applications.

The main sound reinforcement system evenly covers the entire venue. It is matched with the auxiliary sound reinforcement system and combined with the professional acoustic on-site debugging in the later stage. Both the tone and the energy can be stable and high-quality output.

MILE ROOM, with music as the fulcrum, narrows the distance between people, and together with REYN AUDIO.

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