Ring Through the Heart, Boiling Night Awake, Hot and Never Sop!

Voluptuous night, splendid night!

Xiamen-"Xiang Live House Bar"

"Xiang Live House Bar" has been open in Xiamen for more than a year, with 75.8 million fans. It occupied the first place of popular bar list of dianping.com throughout the year!

With delicious food, colorful wine and many star singers singing on site, Xiamen "S Xiang Live House Bar" is far ahead of other bars in the industry, attracting many bar culture lovers to experience the charm of the club day after day.

The reason why "Xiang Live House Bar" is so popular among circle fans is that it has rich team experience, professional and creative planning team, adhere to the concept of innovation and research of sound and electricity in line with international standards, unique brand vision, and gather many powerful popular singers and bands to stage interesting and fun party activities.

The popular nationwide " Xiang Live House Bar"arrival Hangzhou on May 1st mightily, set off a night of fun storm!

Hangzhou "Xiang Live House Bar" covers an area of 2,000 square meters and reaches a height of 9 meters. The style of the whole space is: Fantastic Asian wind. The unique design gives full play to the personality and charm of "Xiang".


Simulated marble bar counterl, set off appears particularly luxurious and luxuriant in the light yellow lamplight. The center is the main stage, the bottom is the dense booth, can accommodate hundreds of people absolutely! As well as professional lighting and audio equipment, create the immersive music scene!

Hangzhou-"Xiang Live House Bar"

A variety of Acme lightings came, light and shadow parallel, a strong audio-visual experience on the verge. Four-in-one pattern light GBEIST SWF, dazzling and uniform high-brightness beam, a variety of patterns with smooth cutting system, to create a colorful dynamic effect.

Xiang Live House Bar

High light efficiency, high integration, high speed PEGASUS with provided straight and neat BEAM, excellent color mixing function, perfect meet the needs of the stage remote surface light, go with small shaking zoom surface light CHAMPAGNE WW, a wide and uniform light spread, creating an excellent sensory experience.

There is also DOTLINE 360 as the LED strip main effect light, variable mixed color light effect, easy to realize the full siege of the stage.

"Xiang Live House Bar" is committed to creating a high-end young, light luxury trend, fashion and technology music bar! Acme adds color to life and brightens life with the beauty of light!

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