Photo Collections of the Entertainment Market Projects - The First Half of the 2021

The first half of the 2021 has past and ACME have worked together with so many entertainment spaces. Let’s take a look at the some fantastic moments in the entertainment market~

The bar has a beautiful environment and is very modern! The EDM cool music and ACME's excellent dynamic lights create an excellent immersive audio-visual effect, bring you a small-scale-concert experience!


Space Plus has panoramic large space, international top sound equipment, and ACME's high-output lights, to create culturally meaningful party time. Various themed parties will redefine nightclubs and make Changsha people "every day is a music festival".


This nightclub aims at promoting the entertainment attitude, breaking the traditions and stereotypes, combining design and art beautifully, and creating a new way of entertainment with creative aesthetics! The colorful lighting fits the top audio equipment to provide you various themed parties and a country of freedom!


It contains the elements of "sense of space, four-dimensional feeling" and many top DJs stage performances. The combination of powerful EDM sound and various ACME lighting effects are so thrill!

Guangzhou M CLUB

At this place, the Chinese DJ and EDM music burst out the revolution of electronic music: the wonderful chemical reaction between classic and electronic. Through ACME's various fixtures, M Club creates a very open, artistic, inclusive, and visual impact style of the club!

Tongxiang Dr. OSCAR

Dr. Oscar, taking advantage of ice screens, which have 85% visual penetration and work together with ACME's excellent lights, paint your dreaming carnival party and create a multi-dimensional immersive visual experience!

Liuzhou Super Fish

Super Fish is a new nightclub in Liuzhou. It becomes a nightlife guide: creating a new space with music, breaking boundaries with music. Super Fish adopts diversified products, fashion styles, and ACME's varied lighting effects to create a world of fun for music fans!

Kunshan Arena Club

Arena Club, locating in the Kunshan, is another project that ACME took part in. Bringing people the funny and relaxing nightlife is the main theme of Arena Club. At here, the top audio equipment and ACME's extraordinary light effects complement each other, perfectly present the electronic music culture of the pioneer wave!

Zhoukou MARSKA

Multiple ACME powerful soldiers have joined this project since the beginning. ACME fixtures are well-matched with the matrix lifting trusses and three-dimensional audio equipment. This bar fully demonstrates the freedom of the music and creates a unique entertainment space!


The Queen Club, an entertainment paradise for relaxation in Dongguan. With the luxurious style decoration and ACME's beautiful light beams, bring you a brand new nightlife!

Taiyuan DR. OSCAR

Dr. Oscar equips with the top design of the stage and the visual high technology. Each participant feels like traveling in the EDM music world, which cleverly combined with ACME's beautiful light beams, getting the first-class audio-visual sensory enjoyment!


Super Monkey is aimed at creating a new world of freedom and happiness, subverting the original appearance of the world, and creating a free world of playing! Brilliant lighting combines with European and American style decorating, every detail here inspires inner resonance and brings a brand new nightlife experience!

Kunming GODZILLA Club

Hundreds of ACME fixtures joining in this fabulous club to create a panoramic immersion stage design effect. Godzilla breaks the previous forms of technology and art, presents multiple dimensions of entertainment, and reshapes the EDM music palace in the dark night!

Choose ACME and trust ACME, the one that always helps you to break the traditional rules and dominate the nightlife. Let’s looking forward to some more fantastic entertainment projects and witness the excitement!

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