Live up to the Dream, Live up to the Talent " Juvenile Rap Project " to Break the Situation Focus on Rap Newcomers ,ACME Fire Control!

Focusing on newcomers in rap, the brand-new model of "Juvenile Rap Project" has broken the game and set off a rap culture wave again!


The program is based on the mode of mining and training newcomers by brokerage companies, inviting well-known and professional partners in the industry to carry out "Juvenile Rap Project", creating a stage for the new generation to pursue their dreams.


Nearly a thousand ACME lightings create a charming stage, showing the youthful rap style.The lighting design is personally operated by top lighting engineers, breaking through the siege and creating a high-quality scene.


PK showdown, the exciting rap stage ready to explode:


1200W HCRI Lighting AECO 10-HR with extremely high color reduction, dazzling bright beam, with rich colors and gobos, outstanding effect plate.And multiple four-in-one moving head SOLAR FLARE II, excellent color mixing effect with a variety of strobe speed, together in the rap stage lit young blood!


LEO with high output of Philips light source, seamless integration of beam, wash and spot effects.According to the different requirements can be flexible to switch out of the beam angle, and cooperate with the LED moving head wash lighting OXYGEN, uniform color mixture and rainbow effect, fast and powerful beam, bring a wide range of apply colours to a drawing atmosphere for stage, dynamic rendering the psychedelic stage!


Also have moving head BEAM light CHIRON, efficient stage light STAGE PAR 100 IP WW and STAGE PAR COLOUR supporting stage, showing the charm of each creative newcomers, with colorful lights burning the heart of rap.

Passionate, fearless and full of hope for the future, the dream pictures written by the rap newcomers in their youth transcend the barriers of the circle and blossom with touching emotional power, forming emotional resonance with the audience. This group of new rappers of the future, huge potential and plasticity, what kind of story will the subsequent show bring? Let's look forward to it!

---------------- THE END --------------