Gamified Fitness Studio “Hero’s Journey” Teamed up with Dazzling ACME Products

If you look for an alternative workout experience: sweaty but fun and dynamic, Hero’s Journey definitely ranks at the top of your list. Based in Astana (capital of Kazakhstan), it is the first local gamified fitness studio, creating a challenging but fun environment for exercisers. At a basic level, gamification is the process of applying gaming mechanics to non-game situations. In this case, fitness experiences that are gamified balanced playing games with working out by visualizing the once less conspicuous progress.

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Consider these examples: a fitness-based app that track your real-life progress such as running miles or calorie burns and simulate the data in terms of travelling to a range of scenic spots. The more progress you make, the further you go and visit. How about the fitness equipment? The have the capability to connect to a leaderboard, allowing performance stats to show up in front of the class, adding engaging and competitive element to your exercise.

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Besides the usage of gamification, Hero’s Journey invited ACME products to enhance mood and performance, injecting a sense of futuristic excitement. GEMINI combines 5x60W Full-Color LEDs and 36x18W Cold White LEDs, which ensures vivid and bright performance. It consists of not only beam mode which enables precise 5 pcs LED pixel control, but also strobe mode which has 18 zones individually controlled. Advanced optical system with zoom and strobe function provides beam & wash effect covering areas as wide as possible. Already being a outstanding product, GEMINI strives to become better with flicker-free management to guarantee powerful and highly-functional characteristics.

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FLANDINA 18 and DOTCHAIN 300 are equally impressive but suitable for fixed installation. The former, an LED strip, has powerful output with real uniform color coverage. One of the highlights is the double mounting brackets and the equally-spaced LEDs, which enable an endless layout of patterns and graphics displays. The latter, though designed with a tight 2° beam angle, manages to deliver powerful beam and shiny strobe with variable speed. It also maintains quiet operation with no fans design, free of externally heavy oil smoke or colored paper in the midst of entertainment applications.

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If you’re looking for the maximum of graphic and colorful experience, the following are undoubtedly your go-for products. SABER MINI has one Static gobo Wheel with 15 gobos patterns and 1 color wheel with as much as 14 fixed colors plus white color. As for prism beam, it has 8 facets available for bidirectional rotation. WHACK BEAM SPOT has different focus. It contains one color wheel with 13 colors plus open. However, it has one fixed gobo wheel with 14 patterns plus open and 1rotating gobo wheel with 9 patterns plus open. What’s more, 8+6 facet prism can rotate in both directions.

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Gym lighting has become an art within itself. And ACME products does just that with vibrant, wondrous visual effects to absorb and stimulate gym go-er’s mental focus.

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GEMINI (CM 560Z) 12pcs

FLANDINA 18 (BAR 18) 59pcs

DOTCHAIN 300 (BAR 300) 16pcs



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