Good News to Mommy丨Foshan First Star-level Confinement Center

“Confinement” is the recovery time to a new mom, in this busy modern society, people’s sense is changing, more and more young people choose confinement center to spend this important period. A reliable confinement center can provide the scientific, correct and timely guide to the new mom, help them to recovery, make the new mom relax and free from worry.
Recently, we come visit to the only one five-star standard infant & mom confinement center in Foshan, also it’s the first confinement center which have the top three hospitals’ medical technology, it’s the LIANDAFUYOU confinement center.

The LIANDAFUYOU confinement center is located in the transportation convenient area of Chancheng, Foshan. The center is designed by Guangdong design institute, has reasonable layout, central courtyard is full of all kinds of plants and trees, environment is very beautiful. 

At night, you can enjoy the great view created by ACME VB-24C-3RGBBW-14-10FCBP-183 RGBWBW-108 RGB lighting. The colorful light makes the night more charming, bring everybody a visual sense gratification, make a beautiful scenery line. Soft lighting and garden scenery, sparkling water photograph reflect, create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the chic view make you feel peace and calm.

LIANDAFUYOU confinement center with real strength and it’s professional and standardized, it’s the high-end homeland for new moms’ postpartum recovery.

With Complete Supporting Facilities

Perfect Service System

Post-partum rehabilitation,Neonatal health care,Maternal and infant nutrition,The Chinese medicine health care,Neonatal early intelligence development,Butler high-end services,Maternal and infant three-dimensional defense,24-hour security service.

Professional Team

Relying on the health care of women and children's new medical technology to obstetric experts, pediatricians, nutrition experts, experts of traditional Chinese medicine, psychological experts and senior mother-baby care personnel as the core of the professional team of maternal and infant health care; The five-star chefs, five-star standard ingredient choice and manufacture process, cook nutritional diet to the mommies every day.