ACME Adds the Brilliance to NianHuaWan

Taihu Lake is lay on the Lingshan

A five petals lotus is blossomed behind the Grand Buddha

This is about the NianHuaWan

The NianHuaWan, its name comes from the Buddhism allusion Buddha smiled when picked up a flower, this means the Buddha was understood the Zen. It also with the meaning of “Clearance, Sukhavati, purification”.The ecology here is beautiful, the environment is superior. ChanLeHall, BaihuaTang, MiaoYinTai, NianHuaTang, NianHuaTower, and each place has revealed a tranquil zen.

 You cannot miss the magnificent "Zen" night show, when you are in the NianHuaWan.

When night falls, over five hundred pcs ACME fixtures adds brilliance to the WuDeng Lake, give the feeling of misty, flexibility to the lake and lotus. As if you are staying in the wonderland, and made you stirring.

“Zen” is the core essence of NianHuaWan. WuDeng Lake “Flower Five Leaves” as an important part of “Zen”, its music fountain show combined with music, lifting fountain, lotus stage, dancers, lighting and projection technology and so on, every night this show attracts a large number of onlookers.

ACME fixture list: 144PCS BP-183WW, 34PCS BP-183 RGBW, 118PCS BW-183 RGBW, 65PCS TB-1010QW, 172PCS VI-10 QW.


BP-183 WW



VI-10 QW