ACME Shined the Toscana Hotel in Jeju, Korea

4th July, 2015, Guangzhou, China–ACME. Toscana Hotel, which is located in Jeju Korea, was opened recently and showed the luxury and fashionable style with ACME’s architectural lighting.

Jeju is known as "the Hawaii in Korea", attracts numerous visitors in every year. The Toscana Hotel in Jeju was invested by the famous Korean movie star Kim Junsu, and covers an area of 21000 square meters with 65 rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, conference rooms, restaurants, coffee house, spa and other facilities. 

The fashionable and luxurious outer wall is one of the highlights of this heavily invested hotel. The products of ACME, such as BP-183 WW(6°), BP-183 WW(25°), VB-12-3 WW(25°x45°), successfully accessed to the favor of hotel sponsor and won the bidding with strong rendering feature and excellent quality, for creating a special light vision and luxurious atmosphere by the wonderful soft rendering effect.

The protection level of BP-183 WW and VB-12-3 WW reaches to IP66, ensuring the product’s stability of resisting the severe weather. Both of the equipment can meet the demands of different environment by selecting different lens’ angle, to build an artistic and distinctive lighting effect.