ACME Light Up the Kobe Earthquake Memorial Hall, Japan

8th April 2015, Guang Zhou, China-ACME. The outer wall lighting project of the Kobe Earthquake Memorial Hall was put to use on 27th March. VB-36, the architectural product of ACME, brings the colorful visual effect by its uniform color mix and perfect soft light washing as well as add a beautiful landscape of the city. 

The Kobe Earthquake Memorial Hall was opened in 2002. This building is not only present the experience and lesson of the Kobe•Awaji earthquake, but also provide the earthquake education to the visitors. It attracts lots of visitor in the last year. As the Kobe government project, this memorial hall required the high quality of the lighting, VB-36 wall washer success to powerful staining features and excellent quality of access to the Museum's favor, Memorial hall with 250 sets VB-36 to create the cultural and special atmosphere.

VB-36 is one of the new washing lighting of ACME and developed in recent year which is high luminous efficiency and rich colors. The specialty of VB-36 is the perfect light effect and multifarious colors. VB-36 is comprised of 36 pieces of 1W LED resistance to energy saving, waterproof, and uniform color mix. The controller of VB-36 is Vpower, which is the new innovative product of ACME to create VB-36 multiple connections can achieve accurate, consistent light output and color changes, rapid changes and realizing wide range of colors alternating gradient, creating rich artistic and unique lighting effects.